People Were Angry That This Artist Was Killed Over Blasphemy Allegations, The Police Has A Different Story

By Sahar Basit | 6 Aug, 2018

Blasphemy allegations aren’t something to be taken lightly in Pakistan. They’ve killed many people and put several others in jail. Being an extremely sensitive topic that involves religion, majority of the state machinery is bound into inaction. Critics say that anyone can level blasphemy allegations against people they have personal enmity with because of the very loose interpretation of the blasphemy law and yet nothing is done about the situation.


16 days ago, an artist and graduate of NCA, Qutub Rind, was murdered in Lahore after being tortured and then pushed off of a third floor balcony.


Initial speculation on social media suggested that this heinous act was committed in the name of blasphemy but no official media coverage had taken place


A social media campaign launched by the victim’s friends and family made this tragedy widely known and the investigation that was launched picked up speed

Suspects confessed to having committed the murder because of alleged blasphemy committed by the victim, however,  sources at NCA and Qutub’s family claim that the assailants are using the excuse of blasphemy to gain sympathy from the justice system.


In an official statement by the Senior Superintendent of police, it has now been confirmed that Qutub was killed over a dispute on rent payment and NOT blasphemy.

Two suspects, the owners of the Qutub’s apartment have been arrested.


It is sad how it was only after a social media campaign that the justice system even took notice of this heinous crime. This just goes to show the power of social media and the kind awareness we can bring about if it is used correctly. But it also makes you think about those countless victims who don’t have the access or connections to find the justice that they deserve.


At the same time, the police having to clarify that the matter didn’t involve blasphemy allegations raises questions

Was it social media being quick to jump to conclusions? Is the police trying to calm people down and hide the actual story? Until and unless we find out more from the relevant authorities, speculation and conspiracy theories are bound to float around, leading to further fear mongering.


We hope Qutub Rind gets the justice that he deserves.


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