Everything That Happened At The Black Friday Sale In Pakistan

Everything That Happened At The Black Friday Sale In Pakistan

The grand Black Friday sale has been the talk of the town these days. Even if you haven’t actively been a part of the retail madness, you surely must have heard about it. A spike in the Google search for it is proof of it. From the social media fights over the blackness or whiteness of this day to the actual sale itself, it is safe to say that us Pakistanis, who have an inherent talent to go all out, haven’t disappointed this time in the least. The one primal instinct that unearthed itself during the course of this shopping event was: SURVIVAL.

Yes folks, this Black Friday sale in Pakistan was indeed the survival of the fittest.

Black Friday Survival
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But you never listen, do you? You went ahead and jumped into battle anyway.

Let’s see how that went.


It all began when you started receiving those SMS, emails and social media updates on “The Biggest Sale of the Year”.

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Nothing gets us excited like that four letter word: SALE.

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But there was confusion about what this Black Friday actually is…

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For those of you who don’t know, Black Friday is a shopping day and also an unofficial start to a bustling holiday shopping season where retailers offer big promotional discounts.


Your reaction as soon as you found out what it is and heard the D-word

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D-word = DISCOUNT, relax you pervs.


Brands on social media be like

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Aunties at home be like

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Then the countdown began

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and we waited with bated breath, taking a day off from school/university/office.


And so, you prepared for battle

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All year round, you can’t be bothered to hit the gym or start working out. Nothing like a good ol’ Black Friday Sale to get us up and going.


And your mom chose that exact moment to enter the world of online shopping

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You gathered your crew and left, ready to wipe the shelves clean


You arrived at the mall and realized the odds were not in your favor


The doors of the retail shops opened and it went something like this

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Dost dost na raha, pyaar pyaar na raha

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When a brand announced 85% off

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Becharay retail employees

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When your sister spotted the perfect piece and told you to make a run for it

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Source: Tumblr


But it was too late

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Somebody got there before you did.


When you and another shopper grabbed the same item and a staring contest began

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…and you very politely told them to back down

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When you went around trying stuff you didn’t need but who says no to a discount?

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When you grabbed the last pretty item on the rack before your fellow enemy shopper

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and didn’t gloat AT ALL

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When the retail worker had the audacity to tell you they are out of your size

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When your fathers/brothers/drivers waited outside while you shopped like there was no tomorrow

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When a fellow enemy shopper tried to push past you

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but Karma happened


When the cashier told you your credit/debit card isn’t working

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When you didn’t bother going early and all the good stuff got sold out

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When you spotted exactly what you were looking for in the madness

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When you walked away unscathed from the battlefield aka shopping mall

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When you celebrated surviving Black Friday with those who matter

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On your way back home, laden with brand new bling, you realized the amount you’ve actually spent

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How did your black Friday go?

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