15 Annoying Struggles You'll Only Understand If You Give A Bitchy Vibe But Aren't Actually A Bitch

By Astarte | 11 Jul, 2017

When you give off a bitchy vibe, but might just be one of the loveliest people on the planet, life is hard. Everyone thinks you’re a conceited snake who seeps out arrogance and haughtiness. 


1. You pass a sarcastic comment about someone AS A JOKE and everyone thinks you’re being a bitch.

They just don’t get your sarcasm level. Mazaak tha bai. 

Via Tumblr

2. Everyone will ask you “hamesha ghussa mein kyun ho” because of your bitchy vibe?

I’m not angry, THIS IS JUST HOW I LOOK.

Via Tumblr

3. A smile from you is never taken as sincere only because everyone feels that bitchy vibe *rolls eyes*.

Source: Shiny Toy Guns

4. Actually, nothing you do or say is taken as sincere.

Or genuine. Awks.

Source: uproxx.com

5. People are intimidated by you thanks to your bitchy vibe.

Barely anyone will approach you.

Via Tumblr

6. You’ll barely make friends because every living organism around you thinks you’re a grade “A” bitch.

Source: favim.com

7. You’ll get nasty looks your way in public because apparently your bitchy vibe was giving them nasty looks.

Source: Beacon Pictures

8. You attract fuckboys.

Via Giphy

9. You’ll be labelled as the rebellious one and yes, your bitchy vibe is to blame for it.

Even if you’ve never tried a cigarette before, that don’t matter – everyone will assume you have.

Via Tumblr

10. Looking like a bitch seems to equate with oozing self-confidence.

But that isn’t true. At. All.

Source: The Vision Factory Films

11. No one thinks they can trust you because they’re scared you’ll be a bitch to them

Source: Fox Atomic / Dune Entertainment

12. And you prove everyone wrong once they get to know you.

Source: Shoman Productions

13. You’re actually a really nice person.

But no one buys it.

Source: IRK Films

14. People gossip about you, stirring up assumptions THAT AREN’T TRUE.

Source: pandawhale.com

15. And the more you stick to yourself, the more people assume you think you see yourself as a shehzaadi. 

With everyone else as peasants.

Via: Tumblr



Cover image via: T-Series / Maddock Films

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