15 Things You'll Only Understand If You Give A Bitchy Vibe But Aren’t Actually A Bitch

By Iman Zia | 11 Jul, 2017

When you give off a bitchy vibe, but might just be one of the loveliest people on the planet, life is hard. Everyone thinks you’re a conceited snake who seeps out arrogance and haughtiness. 


1. You pass a sarcastic comment about someone AS A JOKE and everyone thinks you’re being a bitch.

They just don’t get your sarcasm level. Mazaak tha bai. 

Via Tumblr

2. Everyone will ask you “hamesha ghussa mein kyun ho“?

I’m not angry, THIS IS JUST HOW I LOOK.

Via Tumblr

3. A smile from you is never taken as sincere.

Source: Shiny Toy Guns

4. Actually, nothing you do or say is taken as sincere.

Or genuine. Awks.

Source: uproxx.com

5. People are intimidated by you.

Barely anyone will approach you.

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6. You’ll barely make friends because every living organism around you thinks you’re a grade “A” bitch.

Source: favim.com

7. You’ll get nasty looks your way in public.

Source: Beacon Pictures

8. You attract fuckboys.

Via Giphy

9. You’ll be labelled as the rebellious one.

Even if you’ve never tried a cigarette before, that don’t matter – everyone will assume you have.

Via Tumblr

10. Looking like a bitch seems to equate with oozing self-confidence.

But that isn’t true. At. All.

Source: The Vision Factory Films

11. No one thinks they can trust you because they’re scared you’ll be a bitch to them

Source: Fox Atomic / Dune Entertainment

12. And you prove everyone wrong once they get to know you.

Source: Shoman Productions

13. You’re actually a really nice person.

But no one buys it.

Source: IRK Films

14. People gossip about you, stirring up assumptions THAT AREN’T TRUE.

Source: pandawhale.com

15. And the more you stick to yourself, the more people assume you think you see yourself as a shehzaadi. 

With everyone else as peasants.

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Cover image via: T-Series / Maddock Films

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