Here All The Times Biryani Showed You How It's Way Hotter Than Sunny Leone

By Sarah Babar | 4 Mar, 2017

Biryani is the weakness for every desi human being in the world. Biryani is not just an item of food. It’s a mediator, it’s a form of expression, and it’s a way of living. Biryani is love. Biryani is life.

Now there are so many fights over whether or not it should contain aaloo, and whether or not there should be anday there. But there are also people who’re okay with putting the chicken aside and eating just the rice.


Biryani can be found any and everywhere.

In the remotest corners of the world, where there is even one desi present, there will be biryani. Like this place in Nashville, Tennessee that sells biryani.

Source: Eater Nashville

So needless to say, biryani is a national food. And every desi’s one true obsession.

And here are all the times you knew you’d choose biryani over any girl in the world:


1. When biryani looked you straight in the eye

Source: chatsworthlive


2. When it just stood there in all its color and glory

Source: desinema

3. When even an aaloo was acceptable

Source: expresstribune


4. When you knew that it would bring spice to your life

Source: fnfcart

5. When it was simple AF but you didn’t care

Source: food.ndtv

6. When you could see the eggs in it and you just want it all

Source: gyanlab

7. When this was the only leg you wanted in life

Source: homegrown

8. When all else paled in comparison to this blonde beauty

Source: Hyderabad House

9. When it glistened in the sun and you couldn’t take your eyes off of it

Source: Lekha Foods

10. When the botti was just OMG

Source: Micks Hut

11. When you were okay with scalding your tongue over it

Source: NDTV Foods


I’m sorry for torturing you with all the pictures, but you know I’m right. And you know you want it. So go get yourself some biryani, and maybe watch Laila while you eat.

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