Bilawal Threw MAJOR Shade In His Speech And The Internet's Having A Meltdown

By Fareeha Akhtar | 18 Aug, 2018

The National Assembly of Pakistan just swore in Imran Khan as the Prime Minister, and the Assembly Floor was no less than a battleground. Bilawal Bhutto, as Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party(PPP), was due to make his maiden speech in the National Assembly.

It’s the first time BB has been elected into the NA and he has had his fair share of trolling.

With people making fun of his accent, his Urdu, his voice, to his effeminate demeanor. And people honestly did not expect much of him.



He delivered a speech that covered all bases; from the 100 days plan to PTI’s promise of not taking loans. He assured the Assembly that PPP would play an active role in the Parliament and the affairs of the state.

When he stood up, the Assembly was in an uproar and that is when he delivered this iconic dialogue!

“Shahbaz Sharif sahib, aap ka time tou ho gayaaa.


And people found it HILARIOUS!

People really, REALLY loved the speech.

During his speech, Bilawal very kindly, reminded PM Imran Khan, of the promises he made to the people.

‘I would like to remind our PM-Elect of some of the promises he made. I believe he said that he’d rather commit suicide than take a begging bowl to ask for loans. I believe he said he would not go to the IMF.’

People took notice of that too.

Bilawal also called Imran Khan out for his remarks about Pakistanis.

“He’s also the Prime Minister of those Pakistanis he called zinda laashain. He is also the Prime Minister of those he called donkeys. He is also the Prime Minister of those he referred to as goats and sheep.”

He was appreciated for the same.

He ended the speech by congratulating Imran Khan.

“Lastly, I would like to thank and congratulate Prime Minister-Select and wish him good luck.”

Bilawal’s not-so-innocent use of the word ‘select’ sent Twitter in to fits of laughter.

Overall, people loved the maturity and dignity that BB’s speech reflected!

A lot of people, however, criticized BB’s speech since PPP is also a problematic, and corrupt party.

Here’s the kickass speech, btw. In case you still haven’t heard it. 

Bilawal’s speech was the epitome of maturity and eloquence. And it will also be nice to see if PPP can bring about actual reforms in Sindh, since actions do speak louder than words. Jo bhi hai yaar, filhaal bwoy ne dil jeet liya!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


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