Oh Boy, Bilawal Zardari Announced A Holographic Jalsa And His Jiyalas Have Gone Crazy

By Sarah Babar | 23 Nov, 2017

In the constant state of political unrest and turmoil that our country is in, parties are constantly trying to one-up each other. Whether it is showering Eidi money from airplanes down on people, promising the khatma of bijli by the end of next year or even distributing blenders and food processors to flood affected people, politicians don’t stop at anything to try proving themselves to be better and more loved than the others.


In this tussle of showing political power, the Pakistan People’s Party decided that they wanted to do something that had never been done before


Bhutto Junior-est announced that he would be addressing different venues all over the country in jalsas via hologram


Now we’ve seen this before with Tupac concerts

Source: @westfesttv / youtube


And Michael Jackson tributes

Source: @johniadarola / youtube


But we haven’t really seen holograms during political gatherings and rallies in Pakistan


People were quick to put up possible images from the rallies


And there were those showering their party’s leader with love


However, there were also people who weren’t impressed and brought up other issues prevalent in Sindh


And those who were questioning his capabilities as a leader


Some even brought his father, Asif Ali Zardari, into the conversation


There were obvious accusations of the party using the money, that was intended for health, education and food in Sindh, for holograms


There was this response, but we’re still trying to figure out whether this is serious or sarcastic


Some people pointed out the fact that PPP is technically not the first party to have introduced the technology to Pakistan


More connections were drawn, and at this point, it seemed like people were drawing comparisons just for the sake of it


PML-N (we’re presuming) was also dragged into the thread


And people had genuine concerns about issues of more importance to the people, especially since Sindh’s waste disposal crisis has been increasingly getting worse


People definitely weren’t letting the PTI thing go


And obvious jokes were cracked


Some were hard hitting


And some were just hopeful/less


But fun was had with Bilawal’s hologram announcement


All in all, while the Twitter-nation did not receive Bilawal’s holographic news too well, we’re yet to see if this trick worked in pulling in crowds to watch Bilawal speak to his party workers and followers.


Cover image via: dawn.com

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