Bilal Abbas Khan's Character In “O Rungreza” Is Like No Other Hero You've Seen Before

By Iman Zia | 29 Aug, 2017

Qasim, played by the delightful Bilal Abbas Khan in the drama ‘O Rungreza‘, is heart-achingly lovely. He plays a lovestruck rang wala who spends his days dying clothes at the local tailor’s and is the essence of pure. Qasim’s personality is a far cry from previous male characters we’ve become so accustomed to. He’s like honey – sweet, dribble-esque and incredibly sugary, and isn’t like any other character we’ve ever witnessed on screen.


He’s foolish

Qasim is far too frivolous but in the most naive manner. His straightforwardness and lack of understanding things beneath the surface often get him in a tumble. Women throw themselves at him, and he doesn’t have the slightest idea how to handle it.

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And is blinded by love

He’s ardently in love with the sassy Sassi, played by Sajal Ali who is his aunt’s daughter. His love for her is undying and proves constant in an incredibly fleeting world. His world revolves around her and to an unfortunate dismay, she’s all he sees.

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He’s far too innocent

His friends and loved ones take sturdy advantage of him. His days at the local tailor’s is almost always hindered by pranks. They’re harmless, yes, but Qasim’s tendency to be far too gullible can be upsetting at times.

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And he lacks tremendous amounts of confidence when he should be soaked in it

He longs to be the spitting image of his uncle, played by Nouman Ejaz who is masculine, egotistic and chauvinistic. While that should hardly be the character of any man, Qasim cannot comprehend right from wrong – only because Sassi always speaks incredibly fondly of her father. He doubts himself tremendously, and cannot fathom anyone liking him for who he is.

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 But he’s incredibly caring

Despite Sassi almost always using him for her own personal acclamations, Qasim has a heart of pure gold. It’s pudgy and incredibly absorbing. He’s always there for Sassi, doing her homework for her and doing as she orders. Her imperative nature overpowers him, and he finds himself doing her dirty work.

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He feels things on a far more profound level

He’s a soft thing. His heart hurts more often than not, and he’s always parading it around on his sleeve. He allows Sassi to continually butcher it and just as he’s almost done patching it up, it’ll be ripped once more. While he might think that his feelings are a nuisance, it is this very nuisance that makes him so adoring.

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He’s constantly in a daydream

It’s in his dreams where he lives and is his true self, or rather all that he wishes to be. In his dreams, he is confident enough to tell Sassi how he feels and showers her with the compliments he aches to unfurl.

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Source: Moomal Entertainment


He thinks very little of himself when he really is a king

He will emulate his uncle in all form – be it trying to become a poet, or on a more tangible level – walk and talk exactly like him. He cannot understand all that he is worth, which is far more than what his uncle is worth. Qasim is a king in his own accord but hasn’t realized it.

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He often gets the short end of the stick, only because of his shining chastity

His simplicity gets him into trouble – he’s often found caught being playful with Sassi, initiated by the latter and is always told off. When his aunt has had enough, Qasim is kicked out, and while he tries to apologize it doesn’t work.

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He keeps things bottled up, and never expresses himself

He holds in his true feelings for Sassi, often trying to feed off of her openness and flirtatious moves, however, his shyness always pulls through.

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It is this trait that is his dizzying downfall because he lets rip

It isn’t easy to push Qasim’s buttons, but when he’s reached the brink, he’s broken. He lashes out at Sassi, and unravels his ingratiatingly

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He’ll be hurt beyond compare, but will still love you with an undying fervor

Despite feeling used by Sassi, his willingness to help her and be close to her is everlasting.

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Source: Moomal Entertainment

And he forgives tremendously easy

Far too easily. This is his most endearing and heartfelt quality. He won’t ever hold a grudge, even if he wants to.

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