Pakistanis Are Finding Offensive Male Equivalents For “Bibi” And It's Kinda Hilarious

By Ramsha Bhatti | 11 Sep, 2018

When was the last time someone referred to you as “baji” or “bhai” and you got pissed off? Be it baji or bhai, I am a 100% sure it did not piss you off as much as being called “aunty,” or “bibi”. Either way, people don’t like being called anything which gives off the impression that others consider them to be old or elderly. Moreover, the context and tone matter A LOT.

Therefore, a Twitter user took to social media to talk about the term, “bibi.” More specifically – she wanted to know of a patronizing male equivalent of the same. 

Usually, “bibi” is often used when people wish to avoid using baji, behan, bhabi, and other desi labels while referring to someone. However, the claim that it is used by men and women, alike, for showing contempt is not untrue.

The title itself projects respect for the referent; however, the tone in which it is often used is where the problem lies. For instance:

Bibi, rehne dein, aap ke bas se bahir hai.” 

Arey bibi, kaise gaari chala rahi hain?”

More than often, people in Pakistan use the term in a derogatory and condescending manner, almost spitting the word as an insult. While the term itself is not even remotely disrespectful, the way in which it is said or the contexts in which it is used are mostly demeaning and derogatory.

This lady’s take on the matter made people on Twitter put some thought into the matter. 

People were adamant about the fact that the term is non-patronising but how it is used and its context are what make the difference.

Again, it came down to context and tone. 

People were confused about the entire situation and could not wrap their head around the fact that bibi is indeed used as an offense at times

Someone finally spelled it out for the confused people how the term can be used in a patronizing manner.

On a second thought, if you dwell deeper into it, it is not just “bibi ” which makes it sound offensive but rather the entire sentence.  The use of “o” and “sun” seem to make it sound like someone is referring to someone in a patronizing manner, and somehow “bibi” becomes the sole culprit.

Soon, ideas were thrown in for equally “offensive” male terms.

What? Bhai saab is patronizing? But what about Altaf bhai?

source: Gfycat

People hilariously started pouring in their suggestions.

And there were many…Lol.

Some people were smart enough to pinpoint where the problem lies as well

I mean this guy has a point. Remember this UNCLE on Fahad’s game show?

And the long list of supposedly patronizing terms for men continued to grow with every other tweet.

Of course, there were people who were offended by the tweet in question too.

They argued against the original point.

In the end, it all comes down to this:

While it’s pretty hilarious, the thread helps to bring to the surface the very fact that it is not the term or the label but the manner in which you use it for someone which can ruffle feathers. It is extremely necessary that we keep a close watch on our context and our tone while we call someone bibi or bhai saab, or anything else from the long list shared above.

So were you surprised by all the terms people find offensive? I mean aunty and uncle are nationwide accepted abuses (lol), but did other terms come off as a surprise to you? Let us know what are some other terms which piss people off?


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