This Gora's Ex Gifted Him The “Bhenchod” Shirt And It's Going Viral All Over Desi Internet

By Biya Haq | 2 Nov, 2017

This “Bhenchod” shirt wearing gora thinks it says “I Love You”, LOL.

So, this happened on the other side of the world in Las Vegas, USA

Which obviously had us like…

Source: Popkey

*Wipes away tears* So for those of you who don’t know (bless your hearts), the term actually means ‘sister f*cker.’ This poor man was given a t shirt by his ex, who told him that it meant ‘I love you.’

Could you imagine? I mean how BAD must have he messed up in the relationship? While it’s a little mean and could have been done better, you’ve got to admit – the prank was pretty funny.


Annnnd we aren’t the only ones who thought this prank was SAVAGE

The story has since been picked up by massive publications like BuzzFeed and has been spreading on the Internet like wild fire. Hopefully by now the poor man has gotten a clue, or at least used google translate.

What did you think about the shirt? Is there anyone who you wish you could give this shirt to? Tag them here! hehe. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Love you.


A lesson to literally ALL MEN EVERYWHERE. Women are to be treated with respect (so you don’t have to get gifts like these) and A LESSON TO ALL WOMEN – sometimes a simple text message can suffice. Lol.

And a lesson to ALL HUMANITY: Let’s stop using women for gaaliyaan ?


Cover image via: @brohsen / Twitter


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