13 Intense Feelings ONLY Girls With A Dhokebaaz Darzi Can Relate To

By MangoBaaz Studio | 1 Mar, 2017

If you’re a woman who has ever trusted their life or their clothes with a darzi, it goes without saying that you have been betrayed more often than not. There have been times when you were desperately looking forward to shining bright like a diamond and instead, got kicked by reality. The fitting was off, the design was ten times worse than how you imagined, the dress just didn’t compliment you like you thought it would.

We’ve all had a seldom love mostly hate relationship with our desi darzi and it’s time to list all the feelings we all know too well.

1. The dhoka when you went to get your naap taken and he “accidentally” touched you inappropriately.

Source: Rahim Pardesi Via: Deenga

2. Despite that naap, the dhoka was when he mixed up your measurements with your sister’s.

Source: Deenga

3. The dhoka when he misplaced your mehenga kappa and all you were left with were dried tears matlub iss se behtar tha BTW ka sila silaya jora hee khareed leti.

Source: Deenga


4. The Dhaka when he turned your slightly gol galla into a boat neck that will send you to the depths of jahannum according to Ammi.

Source: Tumblr

5. Alternatively, the time he told you “soch lein, kuch zyada deep na hojaaye” when you wanted a sexy blouse for your farewell saaree.

Source: Danish Ali Via: Deenga

“Baji, kuch tou sharam karein???”

*judgmental stares*

6. The dhokebaazi ki INTIHA when he made the arms fit like a glove…NOT. 

Source: Danish Ali Via: Deenga

7. Ya phir who dhoka when he made your paanchay so tight that you felt like the veins in your legs would pop.

Source: Deenga

8. And when he made your straight pants look like flappers from the 70’s.

Source: Deenga

9. When you specifically asked him NOT to try his hand at being a designer and he ended up being SO EXTRA.

Source: Rahim Pardesi Via: Deenga

10. When the DHOKEBAAZ told you “baji sub bilkul tayyar hay”

And when you get to the shop, the kamizes weren’t overlocked and master sahib was GONE.

Source: Deenga

11. When he finally is available and the bill makes you wanna sell your kidney.

Source: Allthingspakistanicelebs Via: Tumblr

Because of the bloody peeko, overlocking, appliqué, extra lace, fairy dust and DIAMONDS he used in your clothes.

12. When you put full faith in him him but he gave you yet another dhoka and you had to wear clothes you’ve already worn 13242 times.

Source: Deenga

13. When you wished there was a way out of this passive aggressive relationship, i.e. ready-to-wear clothes you could absolutely fall IN LOVE with.

Source: Allthingspakistanicelebs Via: Tumblr

If you’re DONE with all the DHOKEBAAZI, check out BTW‘s crazy good ready to wear collection that you can even order with the click of a button.

It’s time to break up with your darzi. Once and for all.

Ladies, are you ready?

This post has been sponsored by BTW.

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