Looking For Iftari Buffets in Lahore? Here Are Our Picks That Won't Break Your Heart And Bank

By Sinwan Zahid | 30 May, 2018

With Ramzan comes the season of iftari buffets, but often times many of us end up at restaurants where the iftari isn’t all that great with a price tag that makes it harder to digest your food. So, to make your iftari experience a bit better, we’ve compiled a list with our picks for iftari buffets in Lahore. Happy eating (during iftar) 🙂


City Café and Grill

Cost: PKR 1,595 + tax

This nice, buzzing restaurant in Defence Phase 5 is all things good. They have proven excellent for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we can’t help but feel the same about their buffet. While we would’ve appreciated some more variety, it’s the taste and quality of their food that has won us over. Their prawns in hot garlic sauce paired with egg fried rice are joy… pure joy.

iftaari buffets in lahore iftaar buffet ramzan
Source: City Cafe & Grill/Facebook

Twenty Five at Sukh Chan

Cost: PKR 1,095 + tax

Twenty Five at Sukh Chan blew us away with pricing and size of their massive buffet. Take it from us, this place will be your regular go-to once you try it out. Give their mutton palak and prawns in oyster sauce a go, and you will forever be loyal to them. We’re blown away by not just their menu, but their swift service too.

iftaari buffets in lahore iftaar buffet ramzan
Source: Twenty Five – Sukh Chan Wellness Club/Facebook

Naan Bun Paneer

Cost: PKR 1,795 + tax

Last year, Naan Bun Paneer came through as one of the winners of iftari buffets in Lahore. Their pricing, quality, menu, and taste were spot on and we feel the same this time around too. Their kalwanji and achaari naans are a customer favorite. Other than the divine naans, they give you an iftaar platter, a soup, five salads, over fifteen mains spanning from Chinese, Continental to desi options, and then a large variety of desserts among which their thooti and chocolate mousse are our favorites. Try it out!

iftaari buffets in lahore iftaar buffet ramzan
Source: Naan Bun Paneer/Facebook


PKR 1,725 + tax

Qabail has an enormous variety of dishes to please the child in you waiting to grab that seekh kebab and take a bite out of it as soon as your fast opens. From their sajji to their chicken namkeen karahi to their iconic chapli kebabs that just melt in your mouth, if you want to take your in-laws out for food and be commended for a great choice, Qabail is the place. There are a few Chinese options and even a Chicken Alfredo if you grow tired of the desi food options as well, followed by an overwhelming amount of desserts.

iftaari buffets in lahore iftaar buffet ramzan
Source: Qabail/Facebook

Urban Kitchen

PKR 1,750 + tax

Urban Kitchen recently opened to a lot of mixed reviews but the restaurant has upped its game this Ramzan with an outdoor majlis seating. The tent and hanging lamps bring an Arabic feel to the restaurant which is quite different to its urban theme but still looks spectacular. Their menu is quite extensive, with a good selection of Continental, Chinese options paired with desserts like kheer seviyan and profiteroles, which aren’t that common among iftaari buffets. Furthermore, their spread is fresh and tastes superb so Urban Kitchen comes highly recommended.

iftaari buffets in lahore iftaar buffet ramzan
Source: Urban Kitchen/Facebook

Café Nataliya by Redolence

Cost: PKR 1,460 + tax

The restaurant serves a decent iftar platter consisting of spring rolls, dates, fruit chaat, samosas, pakoras, and drinks. The food, however, only gets great when the buffet part starts. Their yakhni pulao and penne Alfredo are the victors among the spread, and overall the restaurant is serving a good number of Chinese, continental and desi dishes so you’re covered.

iftaari buffets in lahore iftaar buffet ramzan
Source: Cafe Nataliya by Redolence/Facebook

Urban Café Yogilicious

Cost: PKR 1,299 + tax

Urban Café Yogilicious is one place on the list that is truly underestimated. They serve some of the yummiest meals a la carte and that only reflects in their buffet in terms of taste and quality. Their fish fingers are to die for and so is their dragon chicken – be careful, though, it’s quite spicy. Even if it is, you can wash all that spice down with their delectable crème caramel pudding. Endnote, it’s insanely affordable for what it offers so do consider this place if you can’t stomach spending over 1500 rupees on a buffet.

iftaari buffets in lahore iftaar buffet ramzan
Source: Urban Cafe Yogilicious/Facebook

Yum Chinese and Thai

Cost: PKR 2,150 + tax

If you crave Chinese and Thai food, Yum is the place to be. Their iftari buffet menu is pretty large with Chinese chicken, beef, and fish main courses. In addition to that, there’s a Thai corner and we all know we can’t miss out on their Thai green curry 😉 But the most surprising part of this buffet is how many desserts (and really nice ones) they’re offering..

iftaari buffets in lahore iftaar buffet ramzan
Source: Yum Chinese and Thai/Facebook


We hope this list helps you decide where to go next for fantastic iftaari buffets in Lahore! And don’t forget to download the Hungerist app to help find restaurants according to your dishes, cuisines, area, read more guides like these and leave restaurant reviews in Lahore. 😉

hungerist app best restaurant for iftaari in lahore mangobaaz
Source: MangoBaaz

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Cover image via Urban Kitchen/Facebook

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