13 Of The Best Food Items In Karachi That Are All Under 500 Rupees

By Saad Zubair | 18 Dec, 2017

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If you’re looking for snacking or dining on a budget, there’s plenty of places in Karachi that you can check out when hunger strikes. It’s not necessary that you can get awesome meals only at casual and fine dining places. There are always fast food places that offer economical meal deals, but there are plenty of options outside of those.

Here are 13 places that you can easily dine well for under 500 rupees in Karachi:


Chicken Chatni Roll From Red Apple

Whether you call it a Paratha roll or Kabab roll, these are some of the best snacks you can get without burning a hole in your wallet. Two regular chicken chatni rolls from Red Apple will easily cost you less than 500 rupees and will fill you up real good. You can also go for their special Pizza Roll and that itself is quite filling without breaking the bank.

Source: neelscorner.com



Mixed Chaat from Mirchili

Mirchili has multiple locations in the city including both stand-alone outlets and mall food courts. Regardless, it’s great for snacking on a budget and you’ll find quite a few items costing less than 500 rupees. Whether its a plate of chaat or a bun kabab, you’ll be set with just spending a few hundred rupees.

Source: Mirchili/ Facebook


Bun Kababs from Tipu Burger

Tipu Burger has been a staple for years since my high school days. Back in the day, budget snacking was the norm and there was no better place than Tipu Burger. Going to Laraib and picking up a CD, and then grabbing a bun kabab from Tipu was a routine after evening tuition classes.

Source: Fawad Ahmed Siddiqui


Chicken Behari Roll From Hot and Spicy 

If you’re not fond of Red Apple, Hot and Spicy is in the same Khadda Market vicinity. Similar to its closest rival, most rolls will easily cost less than 500 rupees. My favorite is the Chicken Behari Roll.

Source: magazine.foodpanda.pk


Pani Puri from Al-Ahmed Chaat

On a budget, nothing beats street food and this chaat stand is one gem. It works for dinner and an evening snack and does the job. You’ll find the chaat stand near Jheel Park at Tariq Road. Do try the pani puri/ gol gappay from there. Karachi’s got several of these stands all over, but this stands out as one of the best.

Source: Saad Zubair


Waffle sandwiches from Brew Factory

Brew Factory has opened where the old Universe Cineplex used to be in Karachi. Considering the rise in popularity of modernized outdoor chai dhabas, many new outlets have taken that concept and applied it to regular dining. Brew Factory follows the outdoor seating concept of Chai Wala but you get a full menu of parathas, waffle sandwiches, churros, coffee drinks and tea. There’s even an awesome dessert  menu for those with a sweet tooth.

Source: Sarmad Wafai

Desi Nashta from Cafe Clifton

Cafe Clifton near Khadda Market on Khayaban-e-Shamsheer has been a favorite for years for chai. It’s one place where you can get tea to your car and it tastes great. It’s also quite good for desi nashta so if you’re in the area in the morning, you owe yourself a treat there.

Source: Cafe Clifton/ Facebook


Chicken Tikka from Jehangir Merath Kabab House

I’ve always liked going to this particular Merath since it’s close to home and the food is amazing. Individually, tikkas and kababs won’t cost you over 500 rupees. It’s even better if you share it with friends. If you’re smart enough while ordering, each person will just need to fork out up to 500 rupees and you’ll have an awesome meal.

Source: gulp.pk

Chicken Malai Boti Roll from A One Snacks

A One Snacks started in Defence Phase 2 in the 90s, and has been the go-to place for me since then everytime I’ve craved a roll. Long before Red Apple and Hot and Spicy made Khadda Market famous for rolls, it was A-One Snacks we all enjoyed. Chicken Malai Boti Roll there is the best. You can also enjoy other barbecue items that are quite reasonable as well.

Source: A-One Snacks/ Facebook


Biryani Center’s Biryani

Biryani Center is one of the better biryani places in Karachi with multiple locations. There’s competition from Indus, Student’s and others, but Biryani Center is equally good if not better. A single plate of biryani costs Rs.150 or so and that’s quite reasonable. You’ll easily fill yourself without spending more than Rs. 200 if you add soft drink/ water.

Source: eatingoutkarachi.blogspot.com


Zahid Nihari

Nihari lovers know that Zahid is one of the best in the city. You’ll be spending between Rs.100 to 200 per head but you’ll have a feast of a time. If you’re craving nihari, you don’t need to worry about your wallet. Just eat up and enjoy!

Source: kfoods.com


Any burger meal from The Burger Shack

The Burger Shack was one of the pioneers of gourmet burgers in Karachi. They’re now in multiple locations in the city and you get burgers freshly made. It used to be a very popular place in its early days, but competition from other such burger joints have taken the packed crowds away. Regardless, the burgers are some of the best you can get in the city. They won’t cost you a fortune either as the maximum you can spend on a burger meal that includes a drink and fries is Rs. 380 for a single patty and Rs. 480 for a double. You’ll still be able to enjoy a full meal for less than 500 rupees which is awesome.

Source: theburgershack.org


Mixed Chaat Special from Gazebo

Who said you can’t eat in a comfortable and homely setting eating delicious chaat and South Indian food. Gazebo, near Saba Avenue, provides one of the best dining experiences in Karachi when it comes to comfort food. The prices are reasonable. Whether you order a bun kababdosa, or chaat, you won’t be crossing 500 rupees. You’ll get served by courteous staff who will make sure you leave satisfied.

Source: eatingoutkarachi.blogspot.com


Karachi has tons of budget eateries we’re sure that you have your own preferences and we’d love that you share them in the comments below.


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