11 Of The Best Bun Kababs For The Ultimate Street Food Experience In Karachi

By Saad Zubair | 3 Dec, 2017

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Bun Kababs are the quintessential Karachi street food item. Of course they’re available everywhere but people call them other names, like anday wala burger or papu burger (lol yeah, people in Lahore actually do call it that). It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, a bun kabab dipped in some questionable chutney is all that you need for the taste of Pakistan.

Whenever you’re craving for anday wala burger, or a bun kabab with aaloo, chicken, or beef, try out these places and they’re surely going to satisfy your rumbling tummy:



Gazebo on Saba Avenue (Defence/ Clifton) has been a favorite for years. While it’s famous for chaatdosas and other South Indian snacks, its bun kabab is a delight. The aalo tikki one is just as good as the traditional beef one.

Source: eatingoutkarachi.blogspot.sg



Mirchili has multiple locations throughout Karachi. Whichever one you go to, you can enjoy some of the best bun kababs Karachi has to offer. The one below is the Mirchili Bun Kabab that’s loaded with all sorts of chaat goodness. This one’s out of this world!

via: Mirchili/ Facebook



Chatkharay is a Khadda Market chaat joint that serves mouth-watering bun kababs. Their desi burgers are simple, fresh and just oh-so-satisfying.

via: Chatkharay/ Facebook


Tipu Burger

This, once a small bun kabab stand is now a proper eatery. The bun kababs  are as good as they were years ago and if you want to enjoy the full blown street food experience, there is no better place than Tipu on the Boat Basin strip.

via: Tipu Burger & Broast/ Facebook



Tariq Road may be home to Zahid Nihari, but Cafe Lazeez is known for its anday wala burger aka egg bun kabab. It’s juicy and quite delicious. The egg, beef and bun make an irresistible combination.

Source: wowfoods.com


Azad, Burns Road

Burns Road is Karachi’s top food area and it has always been famous for bun kababs. Azad offers you freshly made bun kababs  on the spot and they’re awesome. It’s quite the experience to eat at Burns Road so make sure you check out Azad.

via: Asma Javed/ Facebook


Super Bun Kabab, Pakistan Chowk

Pakistan Chowk is in one of Karachi’s busiest areas and is famous for street food joints such as Super Biryani and Bun Kabab. These local burgers are some of the best Karachi has to offer. It’s also a reason to visit these places because these are the hidden gems of the city.

via: Fawad Ahmed Siddiqui/ Facebook


Desi Gali

In Defence, Desi Gali is known to be one of the trendiest local eateries to go to that offers all sorts of desi food. Its nice outdoor seating is perfect for the pleasant weather. The bun kababs  are made fresh and you don’t need to worry about hygiene. It’s economical and tasty so it’s easy on your wallet and tummy.

via: Moeed Shaikh/ Facebook


Hanif Bun Kabab, Pakistan Chowk

Pakistan Chowk is home to another bun kabab joint known as Hanif.

via: Abid Merchant/ Facebook



If you’re at Boat Basin and want a change from Tipu’s delights, try Flamingo. Like its paratha rolls, the bun kababs are excellent.

via: Muhammad Saad Bin Jaleel/ Facebook


Chatni House

Chatni House in Defence offers bun kababs as good as Burns Road so you don’t need to venture far into the “heavy traffic” area. While Burns Road is the best food street in the city, Defence residents can get the same taste close to home.

via: Chatni House/ Facebook


These local bun kabab joints are some of the best in town. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your burger status when you have these awesome desi burgers. If we have missed out your favorites, let us know in the comments below.


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