Here Are 27 Benefits of Being Pakistani That Make Your Life Unique

By Ali Gul | 14 Aug, 2015

Some of you may not know this, but being a Pakistani is an awesome thing. Let’s talk about the benefits of being a Pakistani?


1. You’re close to family.

Source: pak101

We can’t live with or without them.


2. Cricket is your addiction.

source: defence

Even if you don’t play it, you appreciate and understand the classiest sport of all.


3. You know culture.

Source: tumblr

Pakistan consists of numerous ethnic groups and therefore you get to admire our rich culture.


4. You listen to some of the best musicians of the world.

Source: cokestudio

Some of them are considered amongst the greatest in the world.


5. You can speak/understand more than one language.

Source: tumblr

Scientifically speaking, bilingual people are smart – yes you are smart.


6. You are sexy…

Source: tumblr

and you know it.


8. You wear shalwaar kameez.

Source: tumblr

And it’s the world’s most comfortable clothing.


9. You are a natural bargainer.

Source: memecdn

No matter how old, you are born to bargain. (yes, we know the above picture is of an Indian but it’s funny. Come on yaar)


10. You get good prices for most things.

Source: urduwire

The prices you pay in Pakistan might seem expensive but they are cheaper than most places in the world.


11. You regularly get to eat the best food of the world.

Source: wordpress

The world envies your food.


12. You drink/make/love chai.

Source: tumblr

The world’s best beverage.


13. You’re used to eating amazing desi desserts.

Source: tumblr

Kulfi, mathai, kheer and the list goes on…


14. You have Bollywood style shaadis (even though you claim not to watch Bollywood movies).

Source: tumblr

Who doesn’t love eating and dancing at shaadis.


15. You can speak Urdu.

Source: giphy

The most romantic and poetic language.


16. You swear without thinking.

Source: tumblr

Yaar bhenchoud aaj buhat garmi hai.


17. You’re a doctor or an engineer

Source: quickmeme

If you’re not one of the two, you’re probably a disgrace to your family


18. There is a slang word for everything

Source: tumblr

Poondi tou must hai.


19. You get special attention in foreign airports.

Source: pinterest

You are treated like a VIP and get special security attention


20. You can buy things from fake brands

Source: photobucket

This also includes college degrees.


21. You have a good grip on religion.

Source: tumblr

You could be a potential preacher.


22. You are good at math.

math1 Source: akshara

If you’re not, you’ve got big problems.


23. You’re a true friend.

Source: tumblr

Your friends know you would do anything for them.


24. You don’t get mad that easily

Source: giphy

Well, most of the time.


25. You love discussing politics.

Source: tumblr

However, you might skip the voting part.


26. You have a solution for everything.

Source: tumblr

The one word Pakistanis know best is…jugaad.


27. Maa

Source: tumblr

A Pakistani maa is the world’s most loving and powerful personality. We will give up everything for her happiness.


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