Bella Hadid Dragged Instagram For Banning Her Post About Her Palestinian Heritage

By Sana Yasmeen | 8 Jul, 2020

With a massive fan following of around more than 31 million on Instagram, Bella Hadid is certainly not an unknown face and is loved by many for not only being an amazing model but for being a real-life role-model too!

Bella Hadid does not shy away from showing off her Palestinian Heritage on her social media

Isabella Khair Hadid/Bella Hadid has never been seen shying away from her Palestinian heritage, whether it be indicating the same through her social media posts or raising her voice for Palestinian Causes.

Just recently, Bella posted a picture of her father’s passport in order to express her pride in her father’s birthplace, Palestine.

Source: @bellahadid/ instagram

However, not long after the story was up, Instagram took it down which resulted in backlash from Bella’s side

Soon after the picture of her father’s passport was up, Instagram removed the story due to the “breach” of community guidelines which resulted in Bella Hadid calling it an act of bullying. Bella expressed serious concern regarding the removal of her story.

Source: @Bellahadid/ Instagram

She went on to encourage other people to also post about their heritage in order to remind themselves of where they come from!

Source: @Bellahadid/ Instagram

Twitter immediately took notice of this and people were quick to shower Bella Hadid with love and appreciation


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Cover image via @Bellahadid via Instagram.

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