These Are All The Perks Of Being Muslim That No One Else Enjoys

These Are All The Perks Of Being Muslim That No One Else Enjoys

Growing up as a Muslim can often be irritating. Yes, the promise of 70 plus virgins in the afterlife does help you get through life but generally it has some weird difficulties that it exclusively throws at those of Muslim faith.

But then there are also times when being Muslim is not actually that bad, quite contrary it’s pretty advantageous. In the following situations, being Muslim is nothing short of a life hack:


1. When you want to show people how badass you are


2. When you want to troll someone who’s being mean to you


3. When you have to confront your parents about your bad grades



4. When you need a little helping hand


5. When Science finally catches up to what you’ve been doing your whole life


6. When you know you can ask God for just about anything


7. When you need a good but completely halal pick-up line



8. When you are unsure how your own love story will begin


9. When you are too shy to say ‘I love you’ to your crush


10. When you want to impress your future in-laws


11. When it’s a no but you don’t wanna break his/her heart


So, according to you, what are the perks of being a Muslim? Are there any other? Comment below and let us know.


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