Here's Why Behadd Will Always Resonate With You If You Were Raised By A Single Parent

By Iman Zia | 5 Sep, 2017

Behadd was phenomenal. The story completely hit home and for someone who was raised solely by their khaala, it will forever be cherished. The telefilm had a strong didactic moral compass, and actors Fawad Khan and Nadia Jamal embodied their roles with the utmost perfection. Being a single parent is tough; the weight of the world rests on their shoulders, and being Pakistani means they will face situations that will anchor that weight down all the more. Watching Behadd, I could feel my own personal convictions unravel as an only child. My khaala, like all single parents, have that selfless love – the kind that will never waiver no matter how terrible things might get. It’s the only love that is undying. We have to give them credit because they have gone through a lot to raise us, far too much. They are our strengths.

Here are all the heartfelt morals I learned from Behadd.


1.  Single parents will feel unwilling to be apart from you for too long. It’s their protective nature seeping in

Mo’s best friend Shafaq is trying to persuade her to stop coddling Maha so much after she turns down the opportunity to go on an office trip for three days. Mo is persistent on declining because she’s worried about leaving her daughter.


2. You will often lash out at them for being single parents, but know they are raising you alone because that is what is best for you

Maha comes home and talks about how her friend’s mother has gotten remarried. Mo’s face slightly falls because she’s worrying that her daughter isn’t happy. In Pakistani society, it’s hard to escape gossip and unfortunately, it’s what people thrive on. Sometimes single parents will think raising their children alone is the best way. It’s all about perspective.


3. They will have a lot on their plate, but will always strive to create a comfortable home for you both

Despite being a fully working mother, Mo has built a home for her and her daughter. They’re a tribe.


4. They will be proud of every achievement, so much so that it could get a little overbearing. Embrace it. They’ve play a large part in your success, being your backbone

5.  They will be highly protective of you because it’s only natural. They’ve grown a thick skin and you are their priority to keep sheltered and protected


6. You will be spoiled rotten. As a single child and a single mother, it’s only natural

But you’ll always be kept grounded. They will make sure of that.

7. Sometimes it will be easy for you, and other times it’ll be hard. Stick together and everything will be fine

Pakistani families tend to be big, loud and the norm. If there are just two of you then it can get lonely at times.


8. They will have sacrificed a lot for you. Don’t forget that


9. You will be treated like a child even when you’re no longer in your teens. They’re so afraid of the world hurting you the way they’ve been hurt, they have molded themselves into your armor


10. It’s been the two of you for so long that anyone else seems unfamiliar territory

11. And when they do start to see someone, it’s only natural to feel a little odd and out of place

They have dedicated their lives to you and if they do start to see someone it doesn’t mean you will be replaced. You’re already woven into their souls and they deserve a little happiness for themselves.

12. …But the truth is, if they do happen to find someone kind, genuine and real, then accept it

Feeling insecure will be organic, but having someone new in your little tribe is very exciting and enthralling.


13. You will always be the centre of their world


14. And if you do form a wedge between your single parent and their potential other, then it’s your resposibility to fix it

Don’t hurt someone who cares about someone you love and someone who would give their life for you.


15. They will always be there for you. And they will always forgive you.


For those who haven’t seen it, it’s about a single mother raising her teenage daughter (played by Sajal Ali) and you can watch it below!


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