Finally, Beaconhouse Responded To The #BoycottBeaconHouse Issue And Completely Schooled The Hater

By Biya Haq | 4 Oct, 2018

Earlier this week, Beaconhouse School System was accused of treason, in regards to pushing a curriculum that was seemingly ‘Indian-funded.”

Source: MangoBaaz

The issue started when a question on an exam in the Beaconhouse School System was said to be biased and against Pakistani sentiment. Those engaging in the #BoycottBeaconhouse trend were offended by the contents of the books provided to the students.


Let’s just say, the claws came out all over Twitter.

However, in the latest stream of events, BeaconHouse released an official statement in response to the hate they have been receiving in the past couple of days.

Statement from Beaconhouse Beaconhouse is deeply grieved to note a sudden flurry of social media activity labeling it…

Gepostet von Beaconhouse School System [Official] am Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2018

It turns out that the ‘hate-campaign’ was launched by an ex-employee of The Educators (the Montessori started by BeaconHouse) who was fired for ‘physically assaulting’ his line manager.

Oh but the plot thickens.

This mystery man did not work alone. In fact, he was used by a ‘certain media individuals,’ who used him to create the orchestrated sponsored campaign. Motives have yet to be made clear.

The rest of the release was a detailed look into the campaign as well as meticulously pointing out why each of the claims of treason was invalid.

What else did people expect? It’s Beaconhouse, they SCHOOLED THEM.

Source: Reddit


And NOW, there is a whole new hashtag, #BeaconhouseResponse that is ready to rival the initial one.

Looks like the tables (and narrative) have turned.

What do you think of the whole issue? What team are you on? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you



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Cover photo source: @BeaconHouseSchoolSystemOfficial Via Facebook

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