We Went To The Launch Of Baskin Robbins In Lahore And It's Fucking Nuts

By Biya Haq | 11 Oct, 2017

After months and months of waiting for Baskin Robbins, the franchise officially arrived in Pakistan yesterday at the Packages Mall in Lahore.

We got to go to the launch and take a sneak peek at the international brand’s newest Lahore spot and it looked PRETTY SWEET.

Get it?


The event launch was full of people, balloons and happy tummies


People dressed up to show up for the launch


The event was LEGIT


Oh and of course, they’re offering all 31 of their most delicious flavors

I’m talking:

Pralines ‘N Cream

Source: Baskin Robbins


Source: Baskin Robbins

Mint Chocolate Chip

Source: Baskin Robbins

Very Berry Strawberry

Source: Baskin Robbins

Almond Fudge

Source: Baskin Robbins

To name just a few (delicious ones)


Also get this, the management had promised the first 31 people at the event a year’s worth of free ice cream

And they ACTUALLY got it!

Free ice-cream for a YEAR! Alhamdulillah 😄

Posted by Azka Noreen on Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017


*Crying for the 32nd person that arrived at the event*


People all over the country have been anticipating the launch for months and now that it’s finally here, things are getting pretty crazy:

Source: Zohaib Saleem/Facebook


This is the scene outside of their first shop in Pakistan

Source: Zohaib Saleem/Facebook


Look. At. This

Source: Zohaib Saleem/Facebook

All of the delicious flavors are now available at Packages Mall on Walton Road, Lahore so rush on over there for the best some of the yummiest scoops in all the land.


But also be careful because people are crazy and ice cream is amazing. Love you.


Cover image via: sheknows.com

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