This Pakistani Barber In Bahawalpur Is Giving Away Free Haircuts For World XI Tickets

By Biya Haq | 13 Sep, 2017

Help this barber secure tickets, folks.


So, cricket has come home again and yesterday officially kicked off the start of the World XI matches:



Pakistanis all over the country and well, all over the world are ecstatic about the sport coming home to our very own Gadaffi Stadium in Lahore.

It’s been a while, folks. We’ve missed this feeling of jubilation over every single ball. The fervor is unmatched. And though the arena was packed wall to wall with fans from all over, of course – not everyone could be there waving our flag in the air…


One such person, is this gentleman from Bahawalpur

A man from Bahawalpur with what seems like passion in his heart and scissors in his hand is ready to offer whoever can get him a Pakistan v World XI ticket free haircuts for life.


Think about it, all that money you spend on your hair, right back in your pocket. Well, for those of you in Bahawalpur that is. Otherwise aanay jaanay mai paisay kafi laghein gai, lol.

The offer still stands and you better believe people are pretty excited about it



‘Go Nawaz Go’ might have been banned but that’s what Twitter (and barbers in Bahawalpur) are for

Cricket in our veins, friends, in our veins


Gotta give it to him, the man truly is a businessman



Someone needs to get this man a some sweet World XI tickets because while all of us are in 2017, this barber’s barter skills are pretty much in 3020.

Do you want free haircuts for a year? Do you want to be at the World XI matches? Could you just use a haircut in general?

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