This Girl Is Calling Out Bank Alfalah For Their Alleged Sexist Policies

By Biya Haq | 9 Jan, 2019

Okay seriously? It is 2019.

So this post is about a woman calling out a company for what is possibly a stupid AF sexist policy but this does not mean it’s a comment on male population, overall, so calm your horses, men and just read through.


Even if it isn’t totally obvious, we have come a long way in regards to societal changes in Pakistan

Like we recently elected our first female justice of Balochistan High Court


The Aurat March took place

Source: @sundaytimes / Instagram


And a global movement made its way into our lives.


All of this is helping women talk about things that they previously couldn’t. What’s progressive is that society actually is listening. It may not be with open ears and welcoming feelings but at least the fact that we’re able to have difficult conversations on subjects that were absolutely out of bounds previously is progress.


However, this recent bank encounter of a woman from Islamabad shows that we may still have a lot of work to do toward equality of genders

Sabina Ahmed went to a branch of Bank Alfalah to cancel a pay order. Instead, she was told that she needed two men in order to complete the action and without them, it couldn’t be done.

Yep. One step forward, two steps back. Or in this case, 100 years back.

The fact that Sabina’s own mother was not an admissible witness is absolutely absurd. If the bank teller said that the witnesses needed to be two relatives, it would have made sense. As is the case in most banks around the world.

This nature of ruling does exist in Pakistan, however only through Islamic Law. This law is implemented in Islamic Banks, such as Bank Islami. Even then, this practice only occurs in specific types of contract signings, not in something as small as cancelling a pay order.

Sabina’s tweet caught the notice of other Pakistanis and suffice to say, they were just as appalled as her.

Sabina even tagged the Bank Alfalah account on Twitter, and subsequently, they responded to her qualm.

We spoke with Sabina for the banks’ response and she told us that the account wrote back to her, telling her that they registered her complaint but that it would take 5 days for someone to address it.

Nice. A five day turn around? Seriously? They publicly messaged her and asked her to contact them so that they could sort out the issue, not delay it by 5 business working days come ON.

We will remain in contact with Sabina so that we can see what the bank has to say and until then, we will be eagerly waiting for the response.

Have you ever had an experience like this? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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