This Is How Pakistanis Are Reacting To The Ban On Indian Movies Being Lifted

This Is How Pakistanis Are Reacting To The Ban On Indian Movies Being Lifted

Back in September, a crass letter to Fawad Khan started a fire and the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association banned Pakistani artists from working in India. Things took an ugly turn from there and Pakistani cinema owners retaliated by putting a ‘self-imposed’ (yes, the government had nothing to do with it, they say) ban on Indian movies. Some criticized the ban while other appreciated it. The fact that the ban on Indian movies completely wrecked our movie going economy cannot be denied.


Someone from our team even wrote a piece and while all patriotic Pakistanis loved to bash the “agents” on social media, cinemas screening Pakistani movies went empty.


This is what Mohammad Jerjees Seja, the chief Executive Officer, ARY Digital had to say about the ban taking a toll on the cinemas in Pakistan:


While people kept forgetting that patriotism alone could not feed the cinema workers who had lost their jobs in the aftermath of this ban.

Now, that the Pakistani cinemas have decided to lift this self-imposed ban on the Indian movies from tomorrow onwards, people have a lot to say.  Here is a glimpse into some of the comments:


Cinema 1 Politics 0


Here’s to peace, then.


While this guy provides all those whining about the ban lift with a very simple solution; stay home if you’ve a problem.


Inn sahib nay kardi hai sab kay dil ki baat.


While there are others who are still struggling to decipher what patriotism actually means. 


Some people just want to keep Pakistan cut off from the world



Others have a lot of typically Pakistani things to say:


And then there are those who are trying to handle the situation with the quintessential juggats




Are you really NOT going to go to the cinema now?

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