Some Pakistanis Are Justifying This Girl's Harassment At Bahria Town In The Most Fucked Up Ways

By Alveena Jadoon | 3 Jan, 2018

To welcome the new year, Bahria Town arranged fireworks in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. This grand celebration was attended by a huge number of people from in and out of Bahria Town.

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Twitter user, Saniya, was also one of the spectators at the grand show. However, she could not enjoy the arrangement

Some men were more focused on the women present at the event, rather than the fireworks. She took to Twitter to talk about her experience. According to her, she has never been surrounded by such “perverted and shallow people.”

Despite the fact that she had her male cousins circled around her, that still was not enough for them to stop.

Things got worse when they were trying to leave the area.

The guys ultimately started pushing them and that separated the group. They took advantage of the situation and Saniya was left crying.

Despite the fact that she was in tears, the harassers did not stop. 

Even though there weren’t any cellular signals, she thankfully managed to find her way back to her family.

She was not the only one there who was being harassed.

As she walked past the crowd, she saw several other women in tears as well and that broke her heart.

It should not take more than a second for any sane person to realize how rampant harassment is in our society. Moreover, the solution to it does not lie in asking women to stay at home or saying that men will be men.

However, not everyone quite understands that very concept. That was made evident on Twitter.

People took a page out of the old victim-blaming book…

…and went all in on Saniya.

Every possible argument was used to justify the act. 

It’s deeply saddening to see people justifying the act instead of supporting Saniya. However, this concept of victim-blaming has long existed in our society. Undoubtedly, it’s an evil we must eradicate. This proves why women do not open up about such experiences and do not report them either. Here’s hoping Saniya’s unfortunate case serves as a lesson in empathy.

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