These Brave Sisters Taking To The Streets On Their Pink Scooter Is Both Badass And Adorable

By Sajeer Shaikh | 28 Aug, 2017

Women venturing out to reclaim public spaces is now seen more and more on various outlets. For example, remember those badass female bikers making their way from Karachi to Kashmir?

Via Facebook/Cars Enthusiasts PK

The idea of women taking to the streets is in retaliation to the constant harassment women face. It is a way to eradicate discomfort and normalize women being out on the streets. Therefore, it was refreshing to come across a story about two Pakistani sisters who were trying to do the same.

In a Facebook post, Noorelain Akbar talks about her younger sister, Yusra Akbar, who drops her to work on a scooter. She also shared how her sister runs errands on the scooter too.

Source: Noorelain Akbar

Here’s the complete Facebook post:

It has been a while that my little sister drops me to work and sometimes picks me too on our scooty. Apart from that,…

Posted by Noorelain Akbar on Sonntag, 27. August 2017

The post doubles as a shout out to all those women and men who have supported the sisters. 

Source: Noorelain Akbar

However, it also calls out those who pass comments while they’re busy traveling from one place to another. 

Source: Noorelain Akbar

The post received mixed reactions – which was kinda expected. Some people fully supported the sisters.

Via Facebook

While others wished the sisters more power and courage

Via Facebook

Some people saw this as a great way to travel

Via Facebook

Others prayed for their protection

Via Facebook

And some stated that they were glad to girls out on streets

Via Facebook

Many shared their appreciation…

Va Facebook

…but some also didn’t quite understand the point of the post

Via Facebook

And some took the post in a completely different way

Via Facebook

Regardless, the fact that these sisters travel together on their scooter is both heartwarming and badass. It takes someone to be immensely thick-skinned to ignore the negativity and keep moving forward. They’re casually breaking stereotypes, one bike ride at a time.

Source: Just Pakistani Things/Facebook

More power to these wonderfully strong women for being so badass.

What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments.

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