This Guy Saved His Best Friend's Shaadi With A Single Bitch Slap

By Ather Ahmed | 28 Dec, 2017

So it’s shaadi season and people are getting hitched left, right and center.  Social media is flooded with shaadi shenanigans. On one hand, you have well-choreographed mehndi dances trying to one-up the other. On the other you have the bride and groom making epic entrances, at times going so far as imitating their favorite WWE Superstars.

All these pressures associated with the wedding plus the whole idea of marriage can really get to your head. As such it is quite understandable if either the groom or the bride, or both end up losing their cool on their special day.

Well, this Dulah was so overwhelmed at his shaadi that he completely passed out.

Source: Express TV


The incident took place in Gujranwala wherein the groom collapsed as soon as the baraat was about to depart for the function. Soon after he was shifted to the hospital. However, it wasn’t the doctors that helped the man gain his conscious.

Rather it was his friend that actually pulled through who with one slap woke the groom up

Source: Brandsynario

Naturally, after witnessing this incident, the public had a lot to say.

Some expressed sympathy with the groom who for all we know was having pre-wedding jitters.

Source: PeopleofPakistan Via Facebook
Source: PeopleofPakistan Via Facebook
Source: PeopleofPakistan Via Facebook

This one guy was worried about something else entirely.

Source: PeopleofPakistan Via Facebook

Not sure what he meant by that.

Some had a more logical explanation to the whole thing.

Source: People Of Pakistan Via Facebook

Wanna take a look at the actual footage of the slap? You know you do.

Dulha Shadi k dar se behosh. Dost ne thapar mar k hosh dilaya ???

Posted by People Of Pakistan on Montag, 25. Dezember 2017

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