23 Bizarre Things You Were Told In Your Bachpan That You Kinda Feel Dumb About Now

By Sana Younas | 9 May, 2018

Your childhood – your good ol’ bachpan – is usually the most enjoyable and memorable time. It’s a period of amusement, wonder and being silly. We compiled a few memories which I am sure would be a part of your childhood too. You know, dumb stuff we all believed as kids? So, enjoy some of the most hilarious and dumbest things you believed when you were little.

1. A girl gets pregnant when a boy and girl kiss each other.

Theek hai, overpopulation hai. But ab itna bhi simple nahi hai. 


Spelling mistake, you know.

bizarre childhood beliefs
Via reddit.com

3. When we go forward in a car, trees go backward.

We could never understand the Physics behind it.

4. Why there are always diamonds on the sunny road?

And approaching nearby, they’re all hidden.

bizarre childhood beliefs
Source: Zambeel FIlms The Crew Films

5. Honeybees make honey just like the way mom cooks food (like in pots with spoons).

Or you thought they poop it out.

6. There is actually a chanda maamu that lives on the moon.

When will he return and bring toys for us from the moon?

Tbh, I blame Munna Bhai for this.

bizarre childhood beliefs
Source: materiajunkie

7. You should never digest a bubblegum or else you die.

Or you know, you poop it out after 8 years or something. Not really true.

8. If you accidentally digest a bubblegum, you would have a balloon inside you (bubble balloon).

And then, you explode.

bizarre childhood beliefs
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9. If you eat seeds mistakenly, a tree will grow inside you.

Then there would be insects all around you to eat their food from you! That creepy feeling!

10. A fairy takes away your tooth and replaces it with a gift.

Mama baba kay dramay!


bizarre childhood beleifs
Source: yourmodernfamily.com


11. Bilawja qenchi chalany se ghar me larai hoti hai.

And it is still believed by many adults actually. Khair, this is more of a superstition. Don’t know how true it is (probably not at all.)

12. You’re an adopted child.

Whenever I had a quarrel with my parents or my sibling was preferred over me, I would have that feeling.

bizarre childhood beliefs
Via: Giphy

13. A stork or duck threw a baby sibling at your house.

This is all because of those cartoons you’d watch in your bachpan, waisay. 

14. When we eat lots of yellow colored food, our poop becomes yellow in color.

Gandi baat!!!

bizarre childhood beliefs
Source: Sesame Workshop

15. Kids were ordered from hospitals. 

Delivery service kholi hai hospitals ne. 

16. Home delivery matlab the delivery of a baby at home.

Pardon me for my ignorance!

bizarre childhood beliefs
Source: thecardshop.com.au

17. White cows give white milk and brown cows give chocolate milk.

Self-reasoning for flavored chocolate milk.

18. Our grandparents in the past lived in a black and white world. Because all the pictures were only black and white.

Kya terha logic hai. Wah. 

bizarre childhood beliefs
Source: reddit.com

19. Clouds floating away is actually the earth rotating.

It is again a proof of our interest in Physics!

20. Actors acting on T.V. actually live inside it.

I was curious all the time to explore life inside the TV.

bizarre childhood beleifs
Source: IRK Films

21. Lightning matlab angry clouds. 

It made sense back then, okay…

22. If you eat a lot of carrots, you would be able to see in the dark.

After all, carrots are good for your eyes.

bizarre childhood beliefs
Source: JYP Entertainment

23. Actors dying in movies and dramas meant they died in real life too.

It has been a confusion for a long time that if an actor is already dead in one program, how is he alive again to become a different character in another drama/film?

LOL, these were some of the things we all probably believed in our bachpan. Do you have any other bizarre belief you remember and want to add? Don’t hesitate and share in comments.


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