What Would Ayesha Mumtaz Think About this Chai Shop in Karachi Selling Rat Stuffed Paratha?

By Sarmad Amer | 31 Mar, 2016

Ayesha Mumtaz is a messiah for the masses and a much feared (food) inspector by the restaurants of Punjab. Looks like after this Karachi restaurant’s controversial run in with a customer, Sindh is in need of a similar figure.

Source: Express Tribune


Why you ask?

Well, the story’s quite simple – a much loved, much visited chai shop, called the Chai Wala, in Karachi which is only the biggest city of Sindh and Pakistan, served a customer with a paratha that contained the stuffing of something besides what she had ordered for.

It was something with nails(or claws, if you like your stories more gruesome). Having suffered a shock and a bad experience this customer posted it on social media. Bas phir toh aap ko pata hi hoga, social media did what social media does best – made a mountain out of a mole hill and a virtual war brewed.

Today’s yuckiest experience at chai wala

Posted by Javeria Javed on Sunday, March 27, 2016


Somehow from what looks like a chicken’s leg(not that it is any less gross) turned into a rat’s remains as the news traveled across newsfeeds and all hell broke loose:



So the restaurant decided to clarify their side of the story and this is what they had to say:


Dear Chaiwala Patrons,It has come to our attention that certain individuals are cooking up a conspiracy against us…

Posted by Chai Wala on Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Not sure why the leg/claw does not count as “evidence enough” for the restaurant but one can give them credit for trying to make light of the situation and agreeing to give a tour of their kitchen to any patrons who are brave enough to venture into rat claw chicken leg chai land again.

Should Ayesha Mumtaz open a branch in Sindh Food Authority too? Is there a Sindh Food Authority?

Let us know in the comments below.

Cover Image: NPR

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