21 Awful Times Load Shedding Made Our Lives Miserable

By Eamaan Arain | 6 Apr, 2015

For everyone living in Pakistan, load shedding is unfortunately a part of our lives that we have grown to live with. Every single day, our lives are inconvenienced in multiple ways due to the lack of electricity. So while the government and K-Electric work on fixing this issue (LOL), maybe we can find some humor in our misery.


1. When you’re trying to get a break from the summer heat.

Source: teen.com


2. When you’re trying to eat at Sehri/Iftari.

Source: Giphy

3. When taking a shower.

Source: Giphy


4. When you’re trying to change clothes

Source: Smiles For All

No bijlee = no coordination


5. While applying makeup.

Source: Giphy


6. When you’re alone at home and start thinking about horror movies.

Source: Giphy


7. When it’s too dark to see the stairs.

Source: Giphy


8. When you’re outside someone’s house and trying to ring the doorbell.

Source: Giphy

9. During a dance off in a wedding.

how it's supposed to be
Source: RubiesandRibbon
how it really is
Source: BeforeItsNews

So much for those 3 months worth of dance practices. Shit.


10. When your phone is out of battery.

Source: Giphy


11. When ironing clothes.

Source: Giphy


12. When you’re trying to Skype with someone.

Source: Giphy


13. During a Pakistan vs. India Match

Source: Giphy


14. Visit to the dentist.

Source: Giphy


15. When you’re trying to find something.

Source: pandawhale


16. During a climatic point in a movie.

Source: Huffington Post


17. When you’re filling out a form online.

Source: Mashable


18. While you’re in the middle of printing something.

Source: Huffington Post


19. As you’re about to beat a video game.

Source: gifsoup


20. When you’re giving an important presentation.

Source: 9gag


21. When you’re at Jumma prayers.

Source: Imgur


Let’s just hope you can see things in a comedic way. More importantly, let’s hope our government can deliver on electricity – and not just to the homes of government officials.


Until then…

Source: Giphy
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