This New Shawarma Joint In Karachi Claims To Serve The “Authentic” Lebanese Shawarma

By Saad Zubair | 19 Dec, 2017

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We’ve all been duped to believe that the shawarma usually available in our restaurants is authentic. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. Those are wraps, not real shawarma. Karachi now has some places that serve authentic shawarma. However, I have yet to come across a proper Lebanese shawarma outlet until now.


Having heard about this new shawarma joint in Karachi, Pita, I decided to see how authentic their version of the popular food item really is

I was quite satisfied and every bite was music to my ears. Pita- The Shawarma Revolution is a small little restaurant and to find out where exactly it is, you can go to

Source: Ahsan Asaad


The dining area is small enough for a few families to come in and enjoy their meal.

You can also order take-away. You can see your meal made since the shawarma grill can be seen through a glass window.

Source: Ahsan Asaad

For starters, it’s recommended to try the Animal fries since they’re loaded with all the same condiments they add to your shawarma. They also offer hummus and pita, and they can make for a really good healthy appetizer.

I ordered an Original Beiruti Chicken shawarma and my friend ordered the same with beef. We had it cut in halves so we could try both versions. One bite was enough for me to fall in love with it. The pita bread, the chicken and sauce were perfect. You can order the shawarma in whole-wheat pita bread too. The menu has enough options for all kinds of palettes.


If you prefer spices, then you can get the Spicy Jambo, Wild West, Asian Dynamite among others.

There’s one shawarma called the Kolachi and it is made especially for Karachiites as it includes tikka chutney.

Source: Saad Zubair

Having lived in New York for some time, I was very fond of the cart food made famous by Halal Guys in Manhattan. Luckily, Pita had something similar on the menu and I ordered it just to see if it was even close to what I loved back in the Big Apple.

To my surprise, everything tasted like the Halal Guys version. The rice, sliced chicken and sauces were super close to the real thing and I must say job well done.

For drinks, it’s best to order the peach or mint lemonade. The lemonade is made of natural ingredients instead of syrups.

Source: Saad Zubair

Pita’s a fine entry into the restaurant scene of Karachi. Whether or not it’s super authentic is for your tastebuds to judge but what we can definitely vouch for is that it tastes awesome. It’s definitely worth trying out.

You can find reviews and information about Pita on our new website Hungerist by going here.


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