Aurat Rage – My Anger Is Not Hysteria

By Warda Riaz | 11 Apr, 2022

Why should I put my anger aside just because you think it is unfeminine?

Before a woman, I am a human who has equal rights to feel. I get hurt too and naturally, I would want to express my anger. But when I try to speak up for myself, why am I shunned by my fellow people? No, I am not crazy, I am not hysterical. I just demand to be heard and not to reduce myself to be considered worthy enough? But again, who is going to decide my worth? Do you have a parameter that will tell you the qualities of a good girl?

These are not the words of one or two women but most of us grew up repressing our anger inside us to be considered good women as per the standards of our society.

We live in a world where women with strong emotions are highly unlikeable. Being born as a woman, we are never taught to welcome the rage either. Instead, we are told to mold it into fear or transform it into something pleasant because again, women should always be polite. On the contrary, anger reinforces the traditional masculinity of men.

What a progressive world we live in! no?

Source: The Walrus

Have you ever questioned yourself why the image of an angry young man is loved by almost everyone but a woman having the same image becomes an irrational flawed person? No, because the idea of strong women being a threat is inbred in us.

These double standards are so interwoven in our personality that we only sympathize with victims who are afraid to speak up for themselves. But the moment a victim chooses to fight for her rights, the same society labels her as an “attention seeker.”
Do you know what I find amusing? That we, girls have are fair share in marginalizing each other’s opinions.

No, I don’t mean to blame anyone here but to bring awareness that together we can make a huge difference.

Let’s come together and listen to each one around us. Let them voice their concerns and express their anger without worrying about the self-constructed notion of fake femininity.
Who cares if society sing the praise of vulnerable girls? We are boss women who are ready to subvert the conviction of gender discrimination.


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