13 Types Of Aunties Every Pakistani Has Grown Up With

By Biya Haq | 13 Mar, 2018

Every kid growing up in Pakistan knows that there are some things only Desi kids can relate to.

One of these? All the Aunties you grew up with.

Source: ARY Films

That’s right, all the aunties around you. Your khala’s, your phupo’s, your chaachee’s, (most of these are not related btw), they were all an integral part of a Desi life and childhood. But we all know there wasn’t always just one kind of aunty, no no, there were several.

Here are the 13 types of Aunties we all grew up with as Desi’s.

1. The conservative one.

source: Shaan

No ripped jeans when she comes over, please. Beware the stares and judgmental “why aren’t you married” looks.

2. The rishta hunter.

Source: Ayza Khan Official

She’s that infamous Mafia Rishta supplier whose job is to basically get you married before you can utter the word ‘Masters.’ Watch out, she’s always on the prowl.

3. The cool one.

Source:Dharma Productions

She smokes, she drinks and you can talk to her about anything you want. Cool aunty was the bae of the aunties, growing up.

4. The one that ALWAYS talks shit.

Source: Star World Productions

Lmao, this aunty is probably the most entertaining to sit around. She’s got the dirt on EVERYONE in town. But be careful, gossip aunty is probably talking shit about you too.

5. The super emotional one.

Source: Dharma Productions

Bechaari, this aunty is usually the one who has a lot going on in her life. She comes to sit, cry and vent about everything in her life.

6. The tattletale.

Source: PTV

UGH WOW THE WORST HATE HER. If she sees you in public with GOD FORBID, a boy – she’s going to go straight to your mama. MAJOR beware vibes.

7. The social media obsessed one.

Source: @TheLivingPicture Via: YouTube

All this woman talks about is Facebook, Instagram and well, that’s it. Lmao.

8. The one with the really good food.

Source: MangoBaaz Via: YouTube

There’s nothing worse than having to go over to your mom’s friends houses for dinner but this aunty? The one with the BEST FOOD? Yeah, we’re there.

9. The show-off.

Source: Tumblr

Gucci shoes, Prada bag, Chanel earrings? This aunty is a walking rap video. But not in a good way.

10. The one whose name you jusssssst can’t remember.

Source: Tumblr

Yaar, I swear it just came to me.

11. The one with the really hot kid.

Source: Buzzfeed

There’s a special place in our hearts for this aunty. Family get-togethers ALLLL the time, please.


Source: Elements Media

Deaf vibes. This applies to on the phone and real life. Every time.

13. The normal one.

Source: Eros International

This is the chill normal aunty who comes over, says hello, asks about your studies and lets you go back to your room to continue binge-watching your show. Love you normal aunty. Bless.

Know any of these aunties? Have any others that we missed out on? Which one do you want to be when you grow up? Let us know in the comments section below! Love you.


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Cover photo source: ARY Films

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