Audionic’s Spring Extravaganza 22

By MangoBaaz Studio | 19 Mar, 2022

March is here, and that means that Audionic’s largest Spring event, the Pakistan Day Sale is in full swing. With 40% discounts across all major categories such as neckbands, ear-buds, earphones, headphones, and speakers of all kinds ranging from portable, mobile and large-sized speakers along with home theaters along with a brand new line of lifestyle products.

Audionic is a company entrenched deep in patriotism, and it’s no coincidence that the biggest sale of the season is right around the time of the 82nd anniversary commemorating the historic Pakistan Resolution on 23rd March 1940. The sale is widely anticipated by Pakistanis all over the nation as they get their wish lists ready for massive discounts across all their favorite products.

However, this time around, the sale comes with the added launch of Audionic’s highly awaited Lifestyle Collection 2022 featuring mobile speakers.

The collection includes six incredibly ergonomic hand-held speakers. A standard feature across almost the entire line is the equalizer-synced, multicolored spectrum lights. The lights can be turned off or on depending on what kind of mood you’d like to create. The overall design of the products coupled with the rhythmic lights makes each speaker look good enough to be a centerpiece of any home décor.

The first in line is the Rock 2. A tiny Speaker with a bombastic sound is about as aptly as you can describe this little boombox. Equipped with a handy and durable rubber loop for easy attachments and a sleek rubberized matte finish, the Rock 2 can be paired with other Audionic Speakers via TWS Technology to amplify the sound even further. Its sturdy design and unbelievably loud yet crisp sound makes it a favorite for outdoor use, be it a walk by your lonesome or a hangout with your friends, this little gadget is sure to make you the center of attention.

Source: Audionic

The Reeko is a sight for sore eyes to look at and is just what you need to create a psychedelic ambiance with rhythmic lights that project onto any surface from the back of the speaker and turn any room into a retro disco. The palm-sized mobile speaker delivers a balanced sound between a thumping bass and a treble that’s as clear as clear can be.

Source: Audionic

The next in line is something that’s not a Lava Lamp, but what a Lava Lamp wishes it was, the Roko’s top hollowed out portion gives you an illuminated light show that runs in harmony with whatever tune is being played while the sound itself is signature Audionic with a surround stereo experience through it’s 360 Mesh Covered main sound module that blends any room it’s in in its aura. Honestly, we’re all loco for the Roko!

Source: Audionic

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the fourth speaker in this line, the Rome, can build a vibe in a second. You can hook it to your belt, your gear or just about anywhere with the built-in high-grade polymer handle, and as is customary for the rest of the mobile speakers in this line-up, the sound is balanced and adaptable to both indoor and outdoor use.

Source: Audionic

The last in line are two looped wonders.

The Lava and Gear 3 come with a handy lanyard and attached rubberized loop that helps to easily carry the speakers around or hook them anywhere. The speakers feature a cylindrical body with an immaculate polymer finish. The gear 3 comes with a grill while the Lava has a polymer stylized top. Both speakers come with easy-access buttons and base-light-projectors that vibe to the beat and turn any surface they’re on into a dance floor. As far as sound goes the tiny speakers can pack a punch, and with built in TWS technology like the rest of the speakers in the Lifestyle collection, they can be paired with another same speaker or any other speaker in this line to boost the audio experience even further.

Source: Audionic


Source: Audionic

With six top of the line speakers on a special launch-discount of flat 40% and all other products also featuring massive price-drops, the Pakistan Day Sale 2022 by Audionic is turning out to be bigger and better than ever before, make sure you don’t miss out on this absolutely can’t-miss, once-a-year event and head over to to get your favorites now before the stocks run out!




This article is sponsored by Audionic!

Cover image via Audionic

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