This Engineer In Faisalabad Stole 40 Lakh From An ATM Machine And Wow, Didn't See That One Coming

By Biya Haq | 13 Nov, 2018

Damn, guess he missed how to rob an ATM when he was in class.

Usman, an Engineer from Lahore, stole 40 Lakh from an ATM of the company he worked for.

Source: ARY News

Smart man. Or like, not. Still trying to figure that out.

Lahori resident, Usman, planned a two day theft of the ATM. He initially went in one day and stole 1 lakh from the ATM. The next day, after getting hold of the master key, opened the ATM lock and legit just took 40 lakh and bounced.

Source: @takeme

^Usman, probably.

Oh and friends, he didn’t just steal the cash and run. He went and bought a car lmao, which the police recovered after tracking him down.

How they tracked him down, you ask? Well here we go.

To arrest him, the police broke another ATM in the city and called Usman, our handy dandy ATM Engineer to come in and fix the issue. What Usman didn’t know was, that HE was the issue and the police was there to FIX HIM.

AND BOOM! The arrest was made, Usman confessed to the crimes and the day was saved.

Source: @Kingfisherworld

It was actually impressive how the police stepped in to arrest Usman, quite clever. Not so clever? Stealing money from the company you work for while surveillance cameras are running.

Source: ARY News

Nice job Usman, well done.

Take a look at the whole video here!

Did you see on the news? What do you think of his sting operation? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: ARY News

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