17 Times Sara Bharwana And Atif Aslam Gave You Major Couple Goals

By Sarah Babar | 23 Oct, 2017

Atif Aslam is one of the biggest icons to have come out of Pakistan. He’s represented us internationally – literally all over the world. And he’s given us reasons, time and time again to hold our heads up high and be proud of him and  Pakistan. When he announced that he was getting married to the lovely woman that Sara Bharwana is, a lot of hearts broke, globally, but everyone was collectively happy. And over time, seeing their relationship blossom and their family grow, one can’t help but go ‘awwwww.’


Source: insightpakistan.com


1. Atif frequently dotes over his family on social media


2. So whether it is their wedding anniversary


3. Or New Year’s, Atif will be showing love and affection towards the fam


4. His wishes to her are the absolute sweetest

Happy birthday my Queen – you taught me how to luv life 🙂 #selfie

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Haye, she taught him how to love life ♥♥


5. The two always seem to have each other’s backs

Source: The Webholics / YouTube


6. The two color coordinate to shaadis

Source: Style.pk

Stay still, feeble heart…


7. Look at them glowing at their own mehndi

Source: style.pk


8. And they seem pretty much inseparable

Source: atifarena.ucoz.com


9. Just the way they’re so happy in each other’s presence is heartwarming

Source: trendsinpk.com


10. Almost as if they’ll be happy anywhere in the world as long as they’re together

Source: Bollywood Hungama


11. They’re easily one of the best-dressed couples in Pakistan, slaying it at every kind of game there is

Source: @sarmadaadeez / Twitter


12. They just seem to be complementing each other all the time

Source: Niche Lifestyle / style.pk


13. They literally glow when they’re in each other’s company

Source: reviewit.pk


14. And for good reason – they always look like they just fell in love

Source: todayfashion.pk


15. They’re cute and know how to goof off

Source: fashion360.com


16. And just, so adorable to look at, MashaAllah

Source: samaa.tv


17. And every time Atif puts up a wish for Sara on his social media, our hearts melt a little

“Coz it’s her birthday fans ?
I tried k meri ankhein Sara se bari lagein but kabhi ne lag sakteen hehe
My luv you deserve all the happiness / respect in this world.
Thank you for being the best Chef – awesome Stylist – amazing mother ,
List goes on 
And once again I thank you for making me smile and giving me a reason to live ☺ 
Happy Birthday Sara “


May you two always be happy and always keep the love alive. It’s always a joy to see the two of you together.

Just how cute are these two together?

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