Atif Aslam Invited His Fan To Lunch And She Can't Forget Woh Lamhein Woh Baatein

By Sarah Babar | 14 Feb, 2018

Ever wonder what it would be like to have your dream encounter with your favorite celebrity ACTUALLY work out? Well, it just happened with one of Atif Aslam’s biggest fans


This is Laraib Jamil Dhingra

Source: Laraib Jamil Dhingra


She’s a teacher at Sea View Academy in Karachi

Source: Laraib Jamil Dhingra

Laraib had the most amazing experience in her life.


While speaking to MangoBaaz, Laraib told us what happened was that she was in Dubai for the winters, with her family


She was casually chilling at Shake Shack when she spotted a familiar man in a hoodie, eating. She instantly recognized him as our very own international superstar, Atif Aslam. As it is with celebrities and fans, she was pretty much in shock, seeing her idol sitting across the floor from her. As soon as he saw her looking at him, he called her over, after which she began to fervently apologize for all the awkwardness. And just how much she loves him and that she’s also from Pakistan.


Atif, not wanting to create a scene asked her to sit down with him


“Beith jao, mein keh raha houn na bus beith jao, beith jao chup chap” 

And then began what was going to be one of the most amazing days of Laraib’s life. She asked him why he was sitting along. To which he responded saying he missed eating like this, without throngs of people lining up to take a picture with him. And that he missed his old life. That sent Laraib into a spiral of apologies. She felt horrible because she kinda disrupted his Atif-time. But he said he actually wanted to sit with her. And asked her to call over the friends she was sitting with.


He was the one spearheading the conversation


Asking them what they were doing, what they did in life, and even spoke about the unfortunate events that took place at the concert at Moin Khan Academy, where a girl was harassed by a bunch of men. Once Laraib’s order was buzzing through, she excused herself, but Atif wasn’t having it. He asked her to sit there and eat with him. She also told him that his sister, who was somewhere in the mall, looooved him to bits. He asked her to call her sister up and not to tell her he’s the one on the phone. He spoke to her and well, let’s say she pretty much lost her shit, too.


It was then that Atif suggested they all take a photo and they did

Source: Laraib Jamil Dhingra

And all of a sudden, everyone realized who he was and Atif thanked the girls, put his hoodie on and made a dash for it.


Well, this doesn’t happen to everyone, especially in another country altogether. And we have to say, we’re just a tad bit jealous. Okay we’re very jealous. But this is honestly SO sweet! And well, we all know Atif’s a sweetheart. <3



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