Here's What People Are Saying About Asma Jahangir's Daughters Standing In The Front Row At Her Janazah

By Alveena Jadoon | 14 Feb, 2018

The funeral of Asma Jahangir was witnessed by the entire country. It was covered all over mainstream and social media due to her dedicated efforts for the country.



As many expected, women also gathered in a large number to be a part of the funeral

Many were hesitant at first, but they were soon reminded of Asma’s efforts to push for equality of both genders in the country. This urged them to ignore the hesitance and go anyway.

As I walked into the stadium for Asma Jahangir’s funeral, I initially couldn’t spot any women. I hesitated, and tried to…

Posted by Zahra Hayat on Dienstag, 13. Februar 2018


Many were waiting to be pushed back into the crowd, however, nothing of the sort happened. Everyone was allowed to be where they could comfortably stand


Her daughters were at the front of the funeral lineup


Men and women together in one space to offer the funeral prayers of Asma Jahangir – many say that it is precisely what she would have wanted


While many are appreciating the gesture, several others are also questioning why it was allowed to happen


There is also confusion about women being allowed to attend funerals in Islam. While many agree that they are, the next disagreement is over whether or not they are allowed to stand in the front row


Many also blame the inclusion of women in the funeral prayer on the feminist and liberal ideology

They believe that it is corrupting the society and that women should not have been allowed to join in. Some are even calling it an unIslamic funeral.


Via: Twitter


The presence of women at the funeral indeed was a tribute to the efforts of Asma Jahangir

She had dedicated her life to raise some of the most important issues plaguing the society of Pakistan, one of which was the lack of equality between the both genders.

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