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We Asked People In Pakistan Their Craziest Encounters With The Police And Here’s What They Said

We Asked People In Pakistan Their Craziest Encounters With The Police And Here’s What They Said

 DISCLAIMER: We do not, in any way, condone breaking the law consciously and being antagonistic toward the law enforcement agencies

As far as our values as a company are concerned we have utmost respect for the law of Pakistan. At the same time we as a publication do not believe in judging people based on their personal choices.

Now that it’s finally out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. We’ve all heard people narrate comical encounters with cops be it over a traffic ticket, missing papers or getting busted for a joint. We asked people to tell us some of their bizarre stories involving the cops and this what we got.


“The police folks who stopped us at a chowki got really sad when we called them tulla

The police stopped me and my friends and searched the car thoroughly but couldn’t find anything suspicious. After that they kept on insisting that we were drunk even though we weren’t ( I swear ). Anyway, they kept on dragging by blaming us for this and that and we were getting late so my friend called his cousin and referred to the cops as ‘tullas‘ which offended them to the point that they got sad instead of angry. Now instead threatening to take us to jail they started lecturing us on manners and tameez and how the word tulla hurt their feelings.”

Source: Deenga


“The cops once asked me to treat them with karahi in exchange of letting me go

They wanted me to have food with them but I politely declined the offer and gave them cash instead.”


“During a random snap check the cops found warqul sham ( desi rolling paper ) in my pocket but nothing illegal.

“They kept on asking us as to where we hid the charas even after they couldn’t find anything after conducting an extensive search of the car. “Sharafat sey bata do kidher hai warna masla hoga” they kept on saying and we kept on replying that we didnt had any. One cop also said, “ager hum chahtey tu khudi daal kay nikal letey leken hum achay sharif loag hein isliye aap khud bata dein“. After denying at first we eventually told them that we have indeed smoked in the past and we apologize for that.

To this, they replied “sirf khaali maazrat nahi kuch kharcha paani tu dein“.


“The cops took me to thaana after I offered them Rs. 100 when they were asking for Rs. 3000


While searching my car they came across Rs 10,000 cash and were probably expecting me to pay them at least a quarter of that amount. I was confident that someone from my house would come with the papers so I offered them a mere Rs. 100 as take it or leave. They decided to impound my car in the nearby thana and I went along happily. Little did I knew that my registration papers had been lost since a while. So instead of paying them Rs. 2500 at the start and getting over with it, I had to give them Rs 10,000 along with my self respect.”


“I once broke a traffic light that resulted in an hour long car chase

Via Giphy

Just for the record they gave up, LOL”


“I once threw a rolled joint at the policeman’s feet as he was about to open my car for checking

At first I kept denying that it was mine ( stupid move, I know ). Since they had already found the joint they decided not to search the car completely. After paying them a measly Rs. 500 for letting me go I went my way. Best part is that I had a 100 grams of charas in my car untouched which they didn’t bother checking”

Source: Deenga


“A cop once told me pyaar kiya toh darna kia when he caught me making out with my girlfriend

Source: Apatow Productions

Not realizing that the police actually saw us committing the act I told them we were brothers and sister when they came to interrogate. After a giving me a look of disgust the cop started lecturing me on lying and dishonesty following which he asked for cash. While parting he told me “jab pyar kia tu darna kia” in the most cheeky manner.”


“Had to pay Rs. 5000 for a tiny bit of hash because they were threatening to put me in jail and tell my family

It was more of an extortion actually. They were threatening to file a case of carrying a kilo of hashish if I dont pay em. I was actually taken to the nearest ATM in the police mobile so I can take out cash. All for a single joint.”


“The cops came to my home following a friend who was running from them

So my friend who had some “illegal” substances on him, after leaving my place. encountered the cops at a nearby chowki. Instead of stopping he took a u turn and drove towards my place while the cops followed him. So we basically settled the matter right outside my house. Luckily the policeman recognized my friend since they had caught him before and decided to let him go.”


Do you have any crazy police encounter stories?


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