This Fan Flew All The Way From Dubai To Lahore To See Asim Azhar In Concert And He Did NOT Disappoint

By Sarah Babar | 18 Mar, 2018

Sometimes, it just so happens that what you want the most and what you wish for, actually ends up happening. Then what? Then you have memories to hold on to for years and stories to tell forever. Something very similar happened to a young fan of Asim Azhar’s.


This is Maheen Azhar

Source: Maheen Azhar

The surname is coincidental. Maheen was born and raised in Dubai and is currently working there.



Earlier during the week, she tweeted out to Asim Azhar with her flight details

Source: @maheenazhar3 / Twitter

Now one may think why would someone tweet a celebrity with their flight details. But there’s so much more to the story.



Maheen found out that Asim Azhar was performing in Lahore and did what most of us wouldn’t have for our favorite celebrity

Source: Maheen Azhar

She took days off from work, booked her tickets and flew down to come see Asim live. Her first flight got cancelled, and her second flight meant that she had to come straight to the Lahore Eat venue, where Asim was performing. She saw Asim’s brother who got her in touch with his manager. His manager already knew about the tweet and, obviously, so did Asim, himself


Source: @asimazhar / Twitter



Maheen, while talking to MangoBaaz, said she had only made her Twitter account in order to get Asim’s attention

But what happened after was not even in her wildest imagination. Asim called her up on stage while performing, hugged her and took her phone to take a picture of the two of them together

Source: Maheen Azhar




Source: Maheen Azhar



Our hearts are now in liquid state…

Source: Maheen Azhar



He also dedicated his song “Saajna” to her, but here’s a video of everything that happened



Maheen was almost in tears when she was up on stage, and could barely believe what was going on

Source: Maheen Azhar



We absolutely love it when celebrities take a step to give back some of the love that they receive from their fans. When Asim Azhar got in touch with us at MangoBaaz to talk about his fan flying down, he said that he was so overwhelmed by the amount of love he was getting, and he wanted to make it all the most special for her, and make her journey to see him worthwhile. Thank you Asim, for reinforcing our faith in the present and future of our entertainment industry. And Maheen, please breathe now

Source: @maheenazhar3 / Twitter



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Cover image via Maheen Azhar

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