This Insanely Talented Pakistani Artist Is Merging The World Of Music And Art To Create Magic

By Biya Haq | 9 Jan, 2018

Sana Nasir, the extremely talented artist behind the artwork of Lahore Music Meet 2018 is changing the way we see society.

Through her artwork, she’s representing the people around us in a new and fresh way. Arguably, in what seems to look like a perfect world.

Source: @Koi Nahi Via: Instagram

And it’s incredible.

Nasir is no stranger to the art world. Playing the role of the lead designer of Lahore Music Meet, in addition, Nasir was also behind the creativity of the Sine Valley Festival that just took place at the end of 2017 in Kathmandu.

Source: @Koi Nahi Via: Instagram

When speaking to MangoBaaz, Nasir said:

“I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t ‘into art’ it came to me as naturally as being human. Early on in school, however, my parents and teachers found I had a flair for art and skills that were more advanced than my peers.”

“My father was the one who took matters into his own hands and decided to get me books on fine art masters and techniques and proper art supplies. I took it into my stride and accepted that school will not be the place where I can hone my skills.”

Nasir was classically trained in the art of oil painting, watercolor, pen and ink, pencils and charcoal (to name a few) from the age of ten. When it came to deciding on a school, Nasir decided her art was not something she wanted to be graded on, and instead something she wanted to learn more about.

Source: @Koi Nahi Via: Instagram

“Recently I’ve been involved in the merger of music and art. I conceptualize the artwork always with a story in mind, a world that exists in some realm that I can reveal a window to. I’m an avid reader and enjoy writing, I use both language and imagery to bring my work to the viewer.”

Sana said, “Being an art director means being involved in more than just creating artwork. I help develop language and social media strategies as well as on ground and online activity and visuals to complement and reinforce the spirit of the event. Creating artwork is just step one.”

We have been absolutely blown away by Nasir’s artwork and even more impressed by her ability to create a message through her work and cannot wait to see what else the artist has up her sleeve.

Follow Sana on Instagram at @Koi_Nahi for amazing new creations you’ll absolutely fall in love with.


Cover Photo: @Koi_Nahi/Instagram

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