Armeena Khan’s Mic-Drop Tweet About Menstruation Is Ovation Worthy. Period

By Iman Zia | 12 Feb, 2018

Akshay Kumar’s latest venture into the more ‘artsy’ film has backfired in Pakistan. ‘Padman’ was banned by the Pakistani censor board who were hesitant to watch something about women’s health, only proliferating the bottomless void where all other hushed taboos drown. The film’s kernel is about a man who created sanitary pads to improve menstrual health in India, and while applauded for its rather hilarious take on the whole situation, the Punjab Film Censor Board shoddily denied the film a clearance certificate. The ban hasn’t sat well with Pakistani artists, who already feel a bit suffocated in a nation where art is often swept aside.


Source: Twinkle Khanna


Armeena Khan took to Twitter to denounce a frivolous ban on a film that’s only trying to normalize periods

Menstrual health is one of those topics you just don’t talk about in Pakistan – it’s considered unchartered territory, despite being such a problematic taboo that’s ended up alienating women. Armeena pointed out the obvious – periods are ‘natural,’ and ‘the entire female population gets them including mother[s], sisters and daughters.’ She ended her tweet with a pun before awaiting the inevitable bout of criticism.


She responded to a user who said a film around menstruation was not ‘necessary’ and said it needn’t be shed light upon

The actress correctly stated how it’s the woman’s choice to discuss whatever they please, not abiding by what a man might deem as acceptable or comfortable.


The user gave a rather silly rebuttal to which Armeena said periods need to be accepted


Reactions were mixed in response to Armeena’s tweet, with a few questioning how to normalize this taboo


The odd few had their own questionable theories about why it shouldn’t be discussed


But some retaliated and rebuked this rather silly theory


Others lauded Armeena for her just opinion



…Because it’s literally the most natural thing that all women experience


Here’s the trailer for ‘Padman’


What are your thoughts on the ban? Do you agree with Armeena’s comments?


Akshay Kumar’s “PadMan” Has Been Banned In Pakistan For All The Wrong Reasons

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