Armeena Khan's Exotic Wedding Proposal In Cuba Will Make You Go, HOT DAMN

By Sarah Babar | 18 Jul, 2017

Armeena Khan is one of the finest actresses that Pakistanis can brag about. She came and she conquered. And we’re not complaining one bit. We all know and love Armeena Khan to no extent. She’s super talented, gorgeous, and a riot to be around. Us at MangoBaaz…well, we’ve haven’t really attempted to hide our love for her

Like really haven’t..not that we need to…


Armeena is living the perfect life while on vacation and we’re low-key/high-key super jealous but also in love

I mean hello there…


Not only is she living the dream vacay, she looks like one, too <3

#Paradise #Varadero #cayoblancoisland #Cuba #Palmtrees #Whitesand #Aquamarinewaters #ArmeenaKhan #Beach #Holiday ???

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Tere chehre se nazar nahi hat’ti nazaarey hum kya dekhein…


With the short bob and that glow, and that jawline, Armeena looks maaaaad gorgeous and just ♥_♥


I mean, just look at her

How can you NOT be in love with her?


But one person’s love for her has surpassed everyone else’s AND WE’RE SO HAPPY

Source: ARY Films


Her mystery man aka her British Bae has been making her swoon for a while, now

Okay so we’ve heard his name’s Ali. But that’s just random little birdies telling us stuff.

And it’s just the cutest thing ever!


She promised us major news coming out this month and BOY OH BOY it was major



So apparently, this mystery man has stolen Armeena from us forever because, ladies and gentlemen, she’s said yes

…and he got down on his knee…I said "yes!!!" #Happy #Engaged #Bae #Cuba #Paradise #Pink ????

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In Cuba



By the beach



On a day as nice as this one



We’ve yet to hear more about this from Armeena but it’s official



It’s little wonder this is what she’s been tweeting


But Armeena, everything aside, bohat bohat mubarak ho from everyone here at MangoBaaz. May you always be your amazing self and keep that light shining. Humesha khush raho. 


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