Ariana Grande's Tattoo Fuckup Is The Exact Reason Why Listening To Your Ammi Is Important

By Arslan Athar | 1 Feb, 2019

Ariana Grande is an international superstar. She’s managed to stay relevant no matter what she does. Recently, the singer has come under fire for her tattoo.


She got a tattoo on her palm to commemorate her recent song ‘7 Rings’.

Ariana decided to get this written in Japenese characters as it shows in the videos title slide.

Source: Ariana Grande / Instagram


When she revealed the tattoo, it turned out that it didn’t read out what she thought it did. 

Ariana’s tattoo was missing a few characters, totally changing the meaning to ‘a small charcoal grill’ or a BBQ. So, Ariana was just walking around with BBQ written on her palm.

Source: @arianagrande / Instagram


Needless to say that the internet was not forgiving. 



The onslaught was S A V A G E.



Even a brand that sells charcoal for BBQs joined in on the joke. 



After this immense trolling, Ariana posted a conversation between her and her Japanese tutor. 

Source: @arianagrande / Instagram


But the question is, did Ariana learn her lesson. 

The answer is ‘NO’.

She didn’t add the new character in the right place, and because of it, the meaning of the tattoo changed, yet again. Now, Ariana’s tattoo reads ‘Japanese BBQ finger‘.

Source: @arianagrande / Instagram


The tiny text is basically Ariana thanking her tutor for helping her fix the tattoo. Bechari Ayumi is probably banging her head against a wall somewhere.

I don’t know how to react!

Source: Harpo Studios


To laugh or to cry? 

Source: CBS


HOW! How do you fuck up something, TWICE! 

A mess up of such epic proportions is definitely not Ammi approved.

Source: @iiSuperwomanii / Youtube


For the most part, let’s just hope that Ariana does not go out and try to get this fixed too, because well, she might end up with an entire Japanese menu on her hand, and that’s not she wants.

I hope this is an interesting lesson for us all desi bachas- when Ammi says no to tattoos, just listen to her. 

She’s saving you from your own ‘Ariana Grande Japanese BBQ’ situation. That is unless you want to have BBQ Fingers written all over your palm!

So bachas, you know what to do know, either don’t get tattoos at all or at least don’t get them in a language you don’t know! 

Stay blessed y’all, and you too ‘Japanese BBQ Fingers’ Ariana Grande.

Source: Telenor Pakistan

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Cover Photo Courtesy: @arianagrande / Instagram

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