Answer These 11 Questions And Find Out If You're A True Extrovert

By Kashaf | 24 Feb, 2018

People love debating about whether they’re an extrovert or an introvert. Extroverts are often stereotyped as self-obsessed, loud, and obnoxious – when that’s not always the case. There are many characteristics that both extroverts, ambiverts, and introverts share – but many that are totally unique. If you are confused whether or not you are an introvert, then worry no more. This quiz will reveal what percent of an introvert you REALLY are.


What percent did you get? Comment below!

You’re Only A True Introvert If You Answer 7 Of These 10 Questions Correctly


11 Questions You’ve Almost Certainly Been Asked If You’re An Extrovert



cover image source: Red Chillies Entertainment

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