Another Indian MiG 21 Jet Downed And Pakistanis Can't Stop Brutally Trolling Them

By Sarmad Amer | 25 Sep, 2019

An Indian MiG 21 just went down… again. Ouch!

Ever since the infamous Abhinandan incident, the Indian Air Force just can’t seem to control what’s happening to their jets. There has been a bunch of crashing lately, along with some silly balloon incidents and whatnot.


Well, another Indian MiG 21 Jet just crashed a while ago and honestly, it seems like things are pretty much out of their control

A training MiG 21 jet crashed in the Indian city of Gowalior in Madhya Pradesh earlier today. There were two pilots on board the aircraft, a Group Captain and a Squadron Leader. Both of them ejected the aircraft in time and are said to be safe in the incident.

Indian MiG 21 went down 1
Source: @ANI / Twitter


The aircraft is said to have been on a routine training mission when it crashed earlier today, around 10am

Indian MiG 21 went down 2
Source: @ANI / Twitter

According to India’s Minister of State for Defence Shrupad Naik the Indian Air Force has lost a total of 27 aircraft, including 15 fighter jets and helicopters, in crashes since 2016. This number includes the downed MiG-21 of Abhinandan Varthaman during India’s adventures in trying to “surprise” Pakistan on February 27.


Social media was set ablaze as soon as news of the Indian MiG 21 going down spread


Many Indians are extremely embarrassed at their own air force


Some are calling for the Indian MiG 21 aircraft to be grounded to avoid further embarrassing moments like these


Naturally, Pakistanis are finding this incident quite funny and they’ve got jokes on the ready

Pakistani sense of humor during tough times like tense cricket matches and protests and whatnot has been appreciated by Indians themselves in the past. Looks like they got a taste of this caustic sense of humor yet again following this MiG 21 going down.


Abhinandan jokes were definitely going to happen and they did

What do you think about this tea, folks? Sound off in the comments below.


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