13 Annoying Things Teachers Did In School That You Still Haven't Gotten Over

By Ather Ahmed | 11 May, 2017

Whenever people talk about their experiences from grade school, they always paint a really utopian picture. Often at social meetups especially the ones after work there is this discussion on how things were really chill back in the day when you had nothing to worry about and everything was rainbows & butterflies, kinda like Neverland in Peter Pan. Well the thing about nostalgia is that it’s a trap. You always remember the good shit and tend forget the bad shit. Well, I for one remember all the bad shit that happened in school at the hands of teachers and very much hold a grudge against all of them.



1. Cutting recess time for extra class time

To quote Sahir Lodhi, ‘WHO ARE YOU?’ ‘WHAT GAVE YOU THAT RIGHT?’

Source: Ather Ahmad

So what if I was unable to complete my classwork on time, you just cant take over recess….. Geneva convention anyone?


2. Taking over the P.E. period

If cutting short recess time wasn’t enough, some teachers had the tendency to hijack the P.E. period out of the blue and the P.E. instructor¬†was least bothered to do anything about it.

Source: Deenga

Hey, physical education is just as important as any other subject, OK?!?! Sports build character and they should be given equal priority.


3. Getting anal about bathroom breaks

” Miiiiiiiissssss can I got the bathroom?’

and that was the end of it. And then I had to hold my bladder for the next 45 minutes …IF AM LUCKY THAT IS. There was always the chance of the teacher that came in during the next period being equally opposed to the idea of answering the call of nature.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios

The usual argument these teachers relied upon to justify this cruel action was that the student was just using it as an excuse to bunk class. It’s grade school, everyone has classes what am I gonna do roaming around by myself.

Learning grammar at the expense of my bladder? That’s a fair trade-off, I guess.


4. Changing the seat as punishment for talking

So you and your best bud are busy doing class work and the teacher hear khuss phuss¬†out of nowhere. Now you can’t sit with your friend anymore.

Source: Deenga

Then when you established a meaningful bond with the other guy you are made to sit with….POOF its time to change seats again.


5. Making you sit with girls as a punishment and ruining your confidence with women, for life

Via: Tumblr

Usually when the teacher changed your seat as punishment, you were made to sit with the opposite gender. As if inter-gender communication wasn’t already awkward enough at that age especially in a country like Pakistan, you have now successfully conditioned the child to perceive the opposite sex in the most negative way.


6. Making you stand-up as punishment

Shouldn’t there be a law against this?

Source: Deenga


7. While we’re on punishments,¬†murgha banana is extremely insulting to a young child’s confidence, as well

Source: gopal ram / YouTube


8. Calling your class the worst batch ever or comparing it with a fish market

What a coincidence that all the classes I have ever been in were the worst batch ever. For a while I began to think that being the common denominator maybe I was the reason for that but coincidentally all my friends also shared the honor of being in the worst batch ever.

Source: IRK Films

Also, a ‘fish market’ REALLY. How?!?! Why?!?!?!


9. Having a nervous breakdown during class

Now I am not being insensitive being here, teachers are human beings and they have a breaking point like any other person, I get that. But hear me out for a second. There was always this one teacher that started crying during the classroom usually when students were a little too loud.

Source: Showcase Productions

Once again there maybe certain deep rooted reason as to why a teacher broke down like that I get it but it also results in the students going on a serious guilt trip. I mean all they did was make noise.


10. Confiscating your things to “teach us a lesson”

My English teacher from grade six still have my Pokemon cards locked away somewhere and I will never forgive her for that. ( yes I grew up in the 90s )

Source: Ather Ahmad


11.¬†Asking your¬†parents to “fix” even the slightest blunders you made

Imagine how things were for me. My mother taught in the same school where I studied at.

Via: Tumblr


12. Hitting or slapping students in class

Just tell me I am not good at it and get over with it. No need to get physical.

Source: Mercury Transformations


13. Encouraging students to tell on each other

This speaks for itself.

Source: Netflix


Don’t get me wrong I have utmost respect for the profession and consider teachers¬† to be a vital pillar¬†for a civilized community. I am really thankful for the knowledge my teachers from school so selflessly imparted. Its the little annoying stuff they did that still grind my gears.


Cover image via: barakatnews.wordpress.com

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