Singer Annie's Relationship With Her Daughter Is The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

By Iman Zia | 11 Sep, 2017

Singer Annie’s Mahiya days are long past her. She isn’t on the musical circuit anymore, yet the singer has adamantly kept in the hushed spotlight, updating her cult following on her day-to-days, and bestowing advice upon her fans ever so often. Annie is a new woman and has oozed into motherhood splendidly. She’s grown in the Pakistani public eye and her life doctrine is both heartwarming and incredibly endearing. Her daughter Isha is a spitting image of her mother, and Annie’s projection of motherhood is rather inspiring.


Annie has documented her journey through motherhood on her Instagram, and it’s been nothing short of inspiring

She informed fans of her pregnancy back in 2016 and expressed her excitement at embarking on such a wonderful journey.

The singer religiously posted updates of her wee little baby bump and her enthusiasm seeped through

She was nervous, and her humanness was evident in the raw, unedited part of her life she shared with us.


Her baby shower was a glimpse of a bubble gum honeyed party, and we could see her bump much more profound in size


A month later, a baby girl was born – Isha Saad Khan


Her motherly instincts kicked in, in full form as she shared snippets of heart-aching videos of her with her munchkin

When you can't contain yourself! Isha you are so loved!!❤️

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She admitted to the shortcomings of being a mother and wrote a quick ode to all mothers as she acknowledged how the job wasn’t easy

She told of how she’d ‘cry a lot’ and had ‘back ache[s],’ before she gave a ‘shout out to all the mothers out there.’


First photo shoots are important landmarks, and Isha had a lovely photo shoot at just 10 days old


With the results being utterly adoring…

Isha and Mummy ? #10daysold #newbornshoot #myworld❤ #soblessedtohaveher

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The singer unraveled her battle to lose post-pregnancy weight and relayed how she was getting back in shape

Her embracing of motherhood has been incredible, and she hasn’t shied away from professing her undying adoration for her little one


Or documenting lovely updates of Isha as the perfect little baby she is

Isha's new favourite hobby! ?

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Hello Isha … ☎️ lol ?

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With little moments of the playful young shenanigans of Isha

Her little laugh mashAllah Tabarakallah ?❤️ #pleasesaymashallah #preciousmoments

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It’s been tough for Annie, but she’s always taken motherhood with stride and positivity

Because for her, the birth of her daughter changed her outlook on life

Love you more than you will ever know my darling girl ?

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And it’s transformed her into a pillar of strength

And as we see Isha grow, it gives hope to all aspiring mothers out there, who might think it’s impossible

It's not the fall that counts, it's how you get back up! ? #MashAllah

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With confidence, motherhood can be an easy breeze

Twinning with Isha! Who else loves to match with their kids ? BTW this month Is Thyroid cancer awareness month and as you guys know I suffer from Hypothyroidism so it's extremely important to me to raise awareness of this condition. How many of you have a thyroid problem? Are you on medication? What side effects do you suffer from the most? I am ALWAYS tired, I find it extremely hard to lose weight because of my underactive thyroid, I suffer from hair loss and foggy memory! Also when I was expecting Isha I had a very high risk pregnancy but by the grace of God everything turned out fine. Please share your experiences with me, I would love to know if you've tried alternative medicine! Send lots of love to all my thyroid warriors #thyroidcancerawarenessmonth

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What do you think of Annie’s documentation of motherhood?

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