As Prominent Personalities Mourn Anam Tanoli's Death, Mental Health Helplines Are Finally Being Discussed

By Sannia Bilal | 5 Sep, 2018

Time and again, we have seen instances where sometimes, when a person loses their life, it brings about the air of radical change…at least for a while.

Quite similar is the case of model Anam Naveed Tanoli. According to her close friends and family, Anam was suffering from depression, some of it having to do with the online bullies she had to encounter pertaining to her line of work. Eventually, she succumbed to it all, departing too soon.

Source: @anamtanoli/Instagram

Anam was an artist, a singer, a designer, a model and so much more. She was a free spirit and was blessed with immense support from her loved ones.

With her death, the world lost a talented and proficient individual who was capable of achieving so much more than she already had. She was an upcoming star with a vibrant aura and had a promising future ahead of her, if only she hadn’t been a victim of an ailment as treacherous as depression.

All those who looked up to Anam for inspiration have been in a state of shock ever since they discovered that she had had to succumb to the beast nurtured and raised by those who hailed their negative energy towards her.

Source: @anamntanoli/Instagram


Soon after news of her demise and cause of death broke, some of the most renowned personalities of Pakistan took to social media and talked about the prevalence of depression.

Dua Malik was one of those people.

She used her voice and urged every Pakistani to familiarize themselves with the behavioral symptoms of depression/anxiety so they can be cognizant of any sufferers of mental illnesses in their surroundings, be it a friend or a relative as close as a sibling, and are able to assist them to seek help as soon as possible.


extremely saddened and heart drowned by the loss of this young lady…. i beg you all i beg you all if i hold the tiniest place in your mind and heart. open your eyes and heart wide and keep check on atleast your siblings if not friends. check if they are in need of a listener. check if they need motivation. check if they need the light in darkness. check the possible way to make them out of depression. do not judge them for a while and ask why and what have turned them in a person which you are not able yo accept. khuda ka wasta help people fight depression around you….. make it easy for them to speak out about things haunting them… #Repost @hellopakistan with @get_repost ・・・ 26-year-old fashion model @anamtanoli was found dead in her house in Lahore last evening. Police is investigating whether she was murdered or committed suicide. Our condolences & prayers are with her family. #anamtanoli #model #lahore #sadnews #hellomagazine #hellopakistan

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Ushna Shah took the chance to remind every person who bullied Anam that her blood was on their hands regardless of whatever their intentions were.

She said Anam’s mother didn’t deserve for her child to be treated the way that she was. she also said that it is important for all of us to be kind.


To everyone who said anything cruel to her on social media or otherwise; you have her blood on your hands. Her mother didn’t do anything to deserve losing a child like this. This beautiful young girl was only 26, she had her entire life ahead of her. Depression is real. Hate and cruelty affects people. For god’s sake, be kind! Think before you type hatred because the person in the pictures above your comment boxes is HUMAN. #ripanamtanoli #bekind #endcyberbullying If you are suffering from depression and are considering suicide, PLEASE reach out to family, friends, a teacher, a colleague – however the best decision is to reach out to a mental health professional as most people aren’t aware of the dire seriousness of depression. Depression is a disease and yes the world can be excruciatingly difficult sometimes, you could feel like there is no other way. But there is. I swear to you it gets better. When negativity piles up your mind can sometimes make it worse than it is, but things aren’t as bad as they seem. And they always get better. No person, no matter who they are in your life, their opinion, their remarks are worth ending your precious life that God gave you. It gets better and you’re not alone and you are very important!

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Armeena Khan just felt confused as to why a young and beautiful girl like Anam would kill herself.

And then left a reminder in the form of a hashtag to be kind to others.


And then Imran Abbas left a reminder for everyone that it is important to know that depression is actually a disease and is no joke for anyone to laugh at.

He said there’s no point of humor about a person who is not in the world anymore and cannot defend themselves against the fingers pointed towards them.


Mental illness isn’t a joke.. Please dont look down to people suffering from depression, mental ailment, stress and anxiety. This young 26 years model found dead (hung) and nobody knows the reason . Before judging anyone or making fun of someone (specially who is deceased and who can't explain/ clarify her/himself) we must look around and try to be nice to people who are suffering from the circumstances which can lead a person to suicide( which certainly is one of the most forbidden acts in our religion) . In our society it's so convenient to slut-shame an actress and model, scoff at anyone for any rhyme or reason. Making jokes about people who’ve committed suicide does not make you a comedian. It is not dark humor, it is condemn-able humor. As a nation hell-bent upon reforming ourselves, we should really do some collective introspection.  #anamtanoli .

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Among the numerous celebrities who spoke up, Dr. Arif Alvi and Sahir Lodhi stated that there was an urgent need for mental health helplines for patients seeking help.

Arif Alvi took to Twitter and said that Psychiatric help, as well as a 24/7 helpline, should be readily available for everyone, especially women suffering from depression due to socio-economic pressure.


Sahir Lodhi said he wants to take the initiative and introduce a helpline that will be free for all. And he invited the general public to help him.

The matter of mental illness has been taken for granted for far too long.

Suicides due to depression are an epidemic in our community that needs more attention now than ever. It’s heartbreaking and preposterous how mental illnesses are treated in Pakistan. Its time we (as a nation) realize depression to be as serious and alarming as physical illnesses so as to receive equal, if not better, medical care; for depression has a grave impact on a person’s ability to carry out simple, everyday tasks.

The question is, did Anam really deserve to pay the price of her life for us to realize the magnitude of the problem and finally be able to lift the stigma around the topic of mental illnesses and address it like an actual issue?

Or are we still willing to be ignorant and will be happy to judgemental patients for giving up when they do?

You be the judge.

We extend our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased. May she finally be at peace. Have anything to add? Let us know in the comments below.


This Disgusting Meme About Model Anam Tanoli’s Death Shows How Fucked Our Mentality Is About Suicide & Mental Health


Mawra Hocane Just Spoke Out About Model Anam Tanoli’s Death

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