17 Things Every Pakistani Ammi Knows About Joris

By MangoBaaz Studio | 3 Feb, 2017

Walking, talking bundles of joy and your very own superheroes, mothers are indeed a blessing. Your Ammi knows just how to cheer you up when you’re down in the dumps with her aloo ke parathay and lots and lots of free hugs. Which is why they are the masters of knowing just what you need. Every. Single. Time.

Here are a few things every Pakistani Ammi knows about pairings just too well:

1. Ghar se baahir jana aur ayat ul kursi

Source: shubhkirtisinha Via: WordPress

2. Beemari aur yakhni

Source: iDiva


3. Mehmaan aur wohi khaas wala dinner set

Desi ammi and her big heart

4. Sarr ka dard, kamar ka dard, baazu ka dard, dimag ka dard, DIL KA DARD aur Panadol

ammi ka pyaar
Source: indiaopines

5. Nazar aur mirchon ka dumm

Source: Giphy

6. Baarish aur garam pakoray

Source: Idiva

7. Kapron pe keechar aur taanay

Source: Deenga

8. Surf aur washing machine

9. Sabzi wala aur bargaining

Source: Giphy


10. Kahin bahir jana aurbin pooche sawalaat


11. Koi bhi ghalti aur jooti

Source: Menxp


12. Whatsapp aur forward messages

13. Gandi almari aur taanay

Source: Refinery29

14. Desi totkay aur desi totkay

Source: Tumblr

15. Late night texting aur “ye girlfriend se baatein kerrahay ho?”

Source: pinknest

16. Tabiyat khraab aur kabhi complain na kerna

Source: Chicago parent

16. Koi bhi cute harkat aur sadkay jana

Source: Pinterest

All the ammis of the world, we love love LOVE you.

Cover Image Source: Dawn

This post has been sponsored by Surf Excel. Somethings just go together РKuch cheezain ek doosray kay sath he jati hain, jaisay French fries aur ketchup, jaisay chai aur biscuit, jaisay paint k liye brush, jaisay cricket k liye bat… waisay he machine k liye surf excel matic.
Machine aur matic are made for each other!

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