13 Struggles You'll Relate To If You’re A Son Who Has To Take His Ammi Shopping

By Mubasshir Ijaz | 10 Jul, 2018

You love your mother but you hate it when she asks you to take her shopping, Especially if you’re the sort of person who hates to shop. If you’re the sort of person who prefers food over clothes, the person who goes to a couple of shops in and out in under half an hour to get what you need, yet the one in your family who usually has to take his mom shopping than you can relate to these things:


1. Your plans don’t matter!

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No matter when you made your plans. If something like Eid or your cousin’s wedding is close by and your mom asks you to take her to the bazaar she expects you to drop everything and take her. If you don’t then get ready for some blackmail or taanaybaazi.

2. ‘Help me pick out this color’.

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She will show you two shades of white that will look exactly the same to you, then she’ll ask you to choose.

3. ‘Bas 15 minute ka kaam ha’ means 2 hours.

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15 min toh bas traffic meh lag jaate ha. Plus if your mom is indecisive, then forget about the next couple of hours of your life. She might only need to buy buttons or a lace but just choosing one takes an eternity.

4. When your mom finds what she needs at the first shop but still looks around the entire mall for the same thing.

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We have all been a victim of this, Your mom likes a suit at the first shop and bargains with the shopkeeper then tells him she’ll be right back, just to search for the same thing cheaper but ends up coming back to that exact shop after an hour.

5. You hear about new colors like ‘chicken’.

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No, I did not write chicken by accident. That really is a color for a suit. As a kid, I thought this was an actual chicken suit.

6. The traffic and the crowd are terrible during a sale.

The rush at stores during a sale is a supernatural force. I mean who remembers the fight on Black Friday? While all this is going on you’re just trying to find some parking.

7. Your mom thinks the drive is a good time to lecture you.

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Out of nowhere, she starts talking about how dirty your room is or how bad your grades are.

8. Darzi’s are really annoying.

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I agree with all the women out there complaining about their darzi, they don’t know the meaning of a deadline.

9. You don’t mind the occasional grocery shopping.

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You can buy all the things you need (read: snacks). Who says guys don’t like to shop? Guys love to shop but mostly for food.

10. You wish all the shops had stools.

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Shopping gets so tiring especially if it’s not for you. Finding places to sit is such a huge relief. You might find yourself just scouting for places to sit as soon as you enter a shop.

11. Your phone is your best friend.

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You get so bored that you spend all your time looking at memes, playing games and texting your friends. Uss din toh app sab ki Snapstories dhekh lete ho. 

12. You often think of starting a business in women’s clothing.

source: adventuresome.com

The number of revenue Khaadi, Sapphire, and all these brands make near Eid is crazy, to say the least. You have at least once thought about opening your own brand or getting a franchise. ‘Bhai saare paise toh aurton keh kapro meh hain’.

13. When you’re shopping for your relatives and you keep thinking ‘Humare liye toh kabhi kuch nae laye yeh’.

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It might be for a wedding or some upcoming event. But when your entire afternoon is wasted shopping for people you haven’t even heard of or met, you can’t help but be pissed.

There you have it, folks. if you can think of any more just let us know in the comments.


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